Best Sports Moment of 2016

Best sports moment 2016

Best Sports Moment of 2016

2016 offered some of the most remarkable moments in the history of sports. Vpnsports  brings you some of the most exciting moments from the world of sports in this calendar year so far. Here you go:


Cristiano Ronaldo winning Ballon d’or

Cristiano Ronaldo ballon d'or

Cristiano Ronaldo has had an outstanding year and was extremely fiery on the field. So, it was quite obvious that he will surpass his counterpart, Lionel Messi, in the race for Ballon d’Or. Things went accordingly when the Portuguese playmaker clinched his fourth Ballon d’Or.


Nico Rosberg winning championship then retiring

Nico Rosberg

The Formula 1 Driver announced his retirement only five days after winning his first F1 Title. This was quite shocking but the German thought he has climbed the mountain and he is at the peak, so this clearly is the right time to leave.


LeBron James winning his first NBA title with  Cleveland

LeBron James was agitated and was in tears as he fulfilled his promise to Cleveland by winning the NBA crown for the first time since 1964. One of the most iconic players in the NBA, LeBron James won the NBA title for the first time with Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron James


Leicester City winning the Premier League

One of the best fairytales concluded when Claudio Ranieri received the guard of honor at Stamford Bridge for leading Leicester City to their first Premier League Crown. Nothing like this was ever heard or seen before as the team who nearly avoided relegation last season, won it in the next. Truly amazing and inspirational!

Leicester City champion


Usain Bolt completing hat-trick

Usain Bolt made history by becoming the first player ever to win 100m race three times in a row. No one has ever done that before and with that the blistering Jamaican once again established his supremacy. It might have been his last attempt but what he now is officially one of the most decorated athletes in the history of Olympics.

Usain Bolt


Mohammad Ali passing away

This year also saw the loss of one of the most iconic athletes in the world – the incapacitated Mohammed Ali. At the age of 74, the greatest boxer ever to step in the ring left the world for a better place. This incident shocked the world but everyone will remember him as the Greatest.

Muhammad Ali passed away




19 from Chapecoense were among the 71 killed when their plane crashed

Chapecoense football club

Another tragedy that occurred recently saw a plane crash that was carrying team members of Chapecoense, a club in Brazil. This was not the first time in the history of football but the team was travelling to play the final. It was shocking but the solidarity shown by the world was truly amazing. May their souls rest in peace!



Maria Sharapova’s two-year doping ban

Maria Sharapova, a name everyone is familiar with, but what was disturbing to see that such a great athlete and ambassador of the sport being associated with filthy crimes like doping. She suffered a ban after this, which will keep her away from the court for 2 years.

Maria Sharapova ban



Portugal clinched the EURO Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo’s inspirational leadership inspired Portugal to raise the Euro Cup for the first time in history. They were rated as underdogs and even till the final, no one considered them favorites but the way it concluded was amazing. Portugal became the tenth country to win the Euro Cup.

Portual Euro 2016 winners

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