Euro 2016 Best Play and Goals of the Day

Sergio Ramos' penalty save by Danijel Subasic

After Spain's first goal had been equalized by Croatia, Spain had another wonderful opportunity to win the game (which they eventually lost by 2-1). A confident Sergio Ramos stepped up to take the spot-kick. What he didn't knew was that Modric had already delivered a message to Croatia's goal-keeper, Danijel Subasic, telling him when and where to dive against Sergio Ramos. The kick was eventually saved by Danijel, which proved to be a crucial turning point of the game. Many argue that Danijel had broken the Penalty-kick rule by stepping up his line, but it was allowed by the referee. Nevertheless, it was a brilliant save which deserves all the credit.

Ramsey's goal and Bale leading the goal-scoring charts

Wales match against Russia this week was especially crucial. Wales needed to win the match to stay in competition of Group B's top spot. Ramsey opened the score-line for Wales with a brilliant talismanic display. He easily defeated the defenders as the ball was passed to him, went one-on-one with the keeper and scored the goal in the 11th minute for Wales. Gareth Bale scored the 3rd goal for Wales. It was Bale's first goal from open play and it took him instantly to the top of the goal-scoring charts of euro 2016.

Jerome Boateng's crazy goal-line clearance

Germany played a tough match against Ukraine in their opening fixture. Despite not being one of the big teams, Ukraine was surely brilliant in a game which many thought would be an easy win for the Germans. Despite Germany scoring the opening goal, Ukraine's counter-attacks were one to watch, as Germany defended its one goal lead. One can only imagine the importance of Boateng's clearance, when one of Ukraine's players clearly beat Neuer for the ball. He then kicked the ball for goal, only to be cleared by Boateng in an unorthodox, but outstanding way. When checked by the goal-line technology being used in the tournament, it was found out that the ball was a few centimeters away from being termed as an equalizer for Ukraine.

Luka Modric's stunner

Croatia and Turkey are somewhat equally matched teams. Therefore, their match in Euro 2016 was sure to be an interesting encounter. The match was equally balanced at 0-0 until the 41st minute. After another one of the Croatian's counter-attacks, the ball was cleared well of the 18-yard box by Selcuk Inan's bicycle-kick clearance. The ball was still in the air when Luka Modric decided to take the moment and make it his own. Coming close, he hit the ball before it touched the ground with enough force that the goal-keeper had absolutely nil chance of saving it. "I kicked the ball in a perfect way, and thank God, I scored," a modest Modric said after the game.

Gareth Bale's free kick

Gareth Bale's free kick goal vs Slovakia was another which can be listed in Euro 2016's best goal category. Scored in the 10th minute of the game, the goal was a reflection of Gareth Bale's true qualities and the patriotism he has for his country. He is one of the reasons why Wales even qualified for the prestigious tournament, despite failing to do so several times before.

Dimitri Payet's wonder goal

After B Stancu's equalizer against France, which put the host country under so much pressure, Dimitri Payet came to the rescue by scoring the winning goal and getting his team all-three points. It was not some ordinary goal. It was scored in the 89th minute, at a time when the pressure was so intense that Paul Pogba was seen slapping himself on the face. The goal was more of a firecracker scored from outside the 18 yard box. Despite the path to goal being blocked by Romania's defenders, Payet saw a small window of opportunity and took it wonderfully by kicking the ball at a pace and at an angle that it would've been impossible for any goal-keeper in the world to somehow deflect it. Payet couldn't help controlling his emotions as he was substituted. No wonder, a guy who came from a small island in the Indian Ocean and spent most of his youth working in a cloths shop had finally made his country proud.

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