How to Watch Epsom Derby Live Online from Anywhere 

Do you want to Watch Epsom Derby Live online from outside the UK? Here is how.

Horse racing is a sport for the rich and royal. The Derby Stakes, or Epsom Derby, is among the most celebrated horse races not only in Great Britain but globally. This particular horse race is such a spectacle that Her Majesty the Queen of England herself is mostly present for the fair. However, her presence is not confirmed because the race is set to happen on June 4th, which is the platinum jubilee weekend and she will be enthralled in her commitments over the weekend. 

The Queen has won all the other horse racing classics, but she has never been able to take home the Epsom Derby. The Derby continues to be a trophy that eludes her. However, the Queen will not have her horses competing in the Derby Event since all 3 of her potential competitors, Educator, Reach For The Moon, and General Idea withdrew from the competition for a myriad of reasons.

Now imagine how prestigious this horse race would be if the Queen regularly participates in it. There is not a chance for horse racing fans to miss out on this event, and thus we have taken it upon ourselves to fix you with ways to watch the Epsom Derby live online from anywhere. 

Quick Steps to Watch Epsom Derby 2022 Live Online with a VPN

To watch Epsom Derby 2022 live online from wherever you are. You will be needing a Premium VPN service. Follow the steps below to watch the race instantly:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN service
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Watch Epsom Derby 2022 Live Online on ITV instantly.

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How to Watch Epsom Derby Live Online Without Cable

ITV Hub will broadcast the Epsom Derby live on ITV Hub beginning at 04:30 PM British Summer Time (BST). The usage of this service is totally free, but before you can do so, you will need to sign up for an account. During the user registration process, you will be asked to input a postal code. 

However, this is not really employed to determine where you are located, and any postal code will do in its place. When you are finished, all you need to do is validate your email and then you may begin streaming. Users in Scotland are directed to utilize STV Player rather than ITV Hub; nonetheless, both of these services display the same programming and are functionally equivalent. In addition, you may stream the Epsom Derby event on Racing TV. However, the cost of this every month is £24.98. 

If you are traveling outside the UK, then you will require a VPN to access the broadcast of the live race. Follow the steps below to stream the race using a VPN: 

  • Get a renowned VPN service. 
  • Connect to the UK-based server. 
  • Head over to ITV Hub or Racing TV to stream the Epsom Derby event live. 

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How to Watch Epsom Derby in the UK with a VPN

Watching the Epsom Derby using a VPN is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to watch the race live online in the UK using a VPN: 

  • Firstly, start by choosing the right VPN, downloading it, and signing up on the platform. 
  • Connect to a server-based in the UK. 
  • Connect to ITV Hub or Racing TV to live stream the Epsom Derby match instantly. 
  • Stream the race using the platform of your choice. If the video doesn’t play, deleting the cache and cookies from your device and then refreshing the website should solve the majority of problems.

How to Watch the 2022 Epsom Derby Live Online in Australia

At 22:00 local time (AEST), Sky Racing is the only channel in Australia to broadcast the Derby races. Sadly, despite the fact that Foxtel and Fetch have membership packages that contain this network, none of them enables you to watch it online. 

You will be required to stream the race on the Sky Racing website. Registering an account with the TAB will also get you access to a free live stream of the race. Neither Sky Racing nor Tab can be accessed outside Australia because they are geo-restricted, which means that you will need a VPN in order to obtain an Australian IP address in order to watch the networks.

Follow the steps below to stream the live race in Australia using a VPN:  

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN service.
  • Connect to a server in Australia. 
  • Switch to the Sky Racing website or TAB to watch the race. 

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How to Watch Epsom Derby 2022 Live Stream

ITV is the official broadcaster of the Cazoo Derby race in the UK. On the platinum jubilee weekend, ITV will telecast five races, three of which are Group 1 championships: the Coronation Cup, the Oaks, and the Derby. Each and every event will be covered in its entirety and without interruption on Racing TV.

ITV1 will broadcast the events on the first day, on Friday 3rd June. The live broadcast will begin at 01:10 pm and will continue till 05:00 pm. The broadcast of the Epsom Derby opening show, which is to be held on Saturday, will begin at 09:00 am – 10:00 am on ITV4. The main race will be aired on ITV from 12:40 pm to 5:00 pm. 

Why do you need a VPN to Stream Epsom Derby? 

Channels and online websites offering the live stream of the Epsom Derby event cannot be accessed anywhere else outside of the UK. This means that the content and the broadcasting channels are geo-restricted and you will need a VPN to access the live racing event. 

ITV, ITV Hub, and Racing TV all need a VPN to be accessed from other countries. So, with a VPN, you can change your IP address to replicate one in the UK and stream the races.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Epsom Derby? 

The Derby, along with the Oaks, 1,000 Guineas, St. Leger, and 2,000 Guineas, is among English racing’s five classics. 

Which TV channel is broadcasting the Epsom Derby race? 

ITV1 will be providing comprehensive coverage from Epsom, and the event will be shown live as part of that broadcast. Ed Chamberlin will be hosting the event.

When will the Epsom Derby begin this year? 

On Friday, June 3, Ladies’ Day ushers at the beginning of the event. The Cazoo Derby will be held on Saturday, June 4th, and the festivities surrounding the race will be a part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

When will the race start?

The race will begin at 4:30 PM. 

Do I need a VPN to stream the race?

If you live outside the UK or are visiting any other country, you will need a VPN to live stream the race online. 


The Epsom Derby event is one of the few racing events that should not be missed at any cost. If you are a horse racing fan, then not being able to stream the event because of geo-restriction can be heartbreaking. You can follow the guide above to use a VPN and enjoy the live race without any delays. 

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