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Watch Arsenal vs Manchester United Live Stream

Published 4 May 2017 By: VPN Sports

Manchester United will travel to Emirates this Sunday, with Wenger hoping to welcome his old foe by serving him a taste of his own medicine. Although Manchester United and Arsenal are old rivals, Wenger and Mourinho’s rivalry is what takes the attention for now.

This long-standing rivalry started when Mourinho took charge of Chelsea.  Since then Wenger has been searching to deliver a heavy blow to Mourinho. However, Jose has always managed to get under the Frenchman’s skin.  But let’s also not forget how the Theatre of Dreams has never served pleasant memories for the Gunners.

Things aren’t the same this season. Wenger is almost out of the top-four race and his side is currently sitting sixth at the table.  Mourinho, on the other hand, hasn’t had an ideal start to the season as Manchester United’s manager. Yes, he has two trophies to his name in his debut season and is chasing third as well. Manchester United are likely to go into the final of the Europa League after a crucial away-win against Celta Vigo on Thursday.

After an impressive start to the season, and looking at their current stature, the Champions League qualifying spot is seemingly difficult to claim. Of course, a lot will be said during the pre-match analysis, but this tie has much more to offer and there are many intriguing plots yet to be explored.

This classic English affair will be broadcasted live across the UK and across the globe, but only through official broadcasters. Fans of the two clubs are spread globally, but many of them won’t be able to watch the action live due to geo-restrictions. But then again, where there’s a will, there’s a way. For the love of football, fans can watch Arsenal vs Manchester United live stream for free with a Sports VPN.


Arsenal vs Manchester United Live Streaming Channels

Here is the list of the channels that will broadcast Arsenal vs Manchester United live globally. You can enjoy all the live action by subscribing to the channel in your region.

  • ESPN (Brazil)
  • SuperSport (Africa)
  • Sky Sports 1/HD (UK, Ireland)
  • Viasat (Finland, Sweden, Denmark)

Watch Arsenal vs Manchester United Live with a Sports VPN

Mourinho and Wenger have only locked eyes just once after a strong build-up and you can’t miss this action for any reason whatsoever. In case you are having trouble accessing the match live due to geo-restrictions, you can use a VPN to overcome this problem. Here is a list of the best VPN providers that can help you make this possible:


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Subscribing to a Sports VPN is akin to having the master key to unlock the true potential of the internet. A sports VPN is especially coded to change a user’s IP address to one that enables them to access geo-restricted channels with ease. A sports VPN also makes sure that users aren’t caught by the authorities in the process of unblocking their desired sports channels through features like Internet Kill Switch. So, with a Sports VPN you can watch Manchester United vs Arsenal Live Stream free from anywhere with ease.


Undoubtedly, Arsenal vs Manchester United  is much more than a Wenger-Mourinho rivalry and looking at the history, it becomes evident that the Gunners have more to boast about.