How Net Neutrality Repealed Affects Kodi Users

Published 15 December 2017 By: James

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on 14th Dec 2017 has killed the  Net neutrality. In simple words, the way net neutrality worked in the past which prompt the ISP to throttle the Internet connection speed, slowing down the Internet speed and let users charge high to enjoy Internet Freedom have all gone with the wind.

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After killing Net Neutrality, the giant Internet Service Providers are in power to regulate & prioritize whatever they want for their users. This is really alarming situation for the Internet users as the new regulation will be quite expensive and certainly would kill the purpose for internet freedom at some point.

The commission’s chairman, Ajit Pai, vigorously defended the repeal before the vote. He said the rollback of the rules would eventually benefit consumers because broadband providers like AT&T and Comcast could offer them a wider variety of service options. His two fellow Republican commissioners also supported the change, giving them a 3-to-2 majority.

“We are helping consumers and promoting competition,” Mr. Pai said. “Broadband providers will have more incentive to build networks, especially to undeserved areas.”

Quoted from NYtimes

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Why Kodi Users Should Worry About Net Neutrality?

This guide is mainly focused on this topic because the Kodi Users now may face trouble with the repeal of Net Neutrality by FCC. To illustrate in simple words, following are some points which can be faced by Kodi user from ISPs:

  • They can regulate the type of content users want to see.
  • With your bandwidth consumption via Kodi, they can block KODI for you in some cases.
  • Limited content with only official Kodi Addons will accessible.
  • They can block popular addons like Netflix, USTVnow, SportsDevil etc.
  • Bandwidth Throttling.
  • Sports fan: Streaming of Live matches would glitch or even won’t work
  • Movies & TV Shows: The latest TV shows would not be easily accessible

The aforementioned points may or may not come into considerations because ISPs who knows have some different package plan according to your need. But certainties for Kodi users have some high odds which for sure create massive trouble as far as research have become done online by team VPNSport.

Kodi VPN To Rescue For Kodi Users

By now everyone knows about the importance of KODI VPN and in case you don’t know what is it, then head to this guideThe role of Kodi VPN is very crucial in all these dramatic Net neutrality situation & you must be wondering how then read on about it. The VPN is your best solution which can have some handy solution, following are few of them:

  • Kodi VPN will spoof your online location.
  • It will keep your online activities anonymous.
  • You will browser and surf around the Internet in a secured layer.
  • Easily bypass ISP content restriction.
  • A paid Kodi VPN will allow us help to stream the content fast.
  • Access any addon you want without any hassle.

As mentioned in the guide above that ISP will throttle your internet speed connection in this case KODI VPN couldn’t help you much because it doesn’t boost your Internet speed but let you give Internet freedom & online security.

If you have made up you mind to enjoy the exclusive features of KODI VPN in the intense situation then we have picked the best vpn for it. 


This VPN for Kodi is a best pick keeping in mind all the scenarios discussed above. So enjoy the luxury of KODI VPN & fight in the favor on net neutrality.


Kodi VPN step by Step Guide

Wrapping Up

Net neutrality is figurative form of freedom for Internet accessibility but with the repeal of FCC it has been bit difficult to revert it back. For the sake of time being, Kodi users will be targeted in the first place and only KODI VPN will help you to get freedom.