Paris Saint-Germain: Winners of the Major European Title


Paris Saint-Germain is a football club based in Paris. Ligue 1 is one of the top division of French Football and the PSG stands on the top ranking. As the most successful club in France, they have over 40 official honors which also includes one major European trophy.

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The beginning of Paris Saint-Germain

The club was a result of a merger between the two football teams, Paris FC and Stade Saint-Germain. This happened due to a strong group of people wanted to have a much larger football club. Approximately 20,000 people supported this move and the ‘Paris Saint-Germain’ was founded in 1970.

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Struggles during the early period

Soon after its establishment, the football club gained a lot of fans and supporters. Infact, they even had an immense success in the beginning. As a result, they were promoted to the next season too.

Although, it did not last long and the team faced a downfall and the club separated in 1972. This left Paris FC in Ligue 1 and led PSG to go down in division 3. Anyways, there was so much determination in PSG that they were able to make their way back up.

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First success

The first major success or achievement of the Paris Saint-Germain won Coupe de France. They defeated Saint-Etienne which was only decided by penalties that too in the final match.

Ligue 1

The Ligue 1 success started after the broadcaster Channel+ gained controlled in 1991. The platform certainly gave a chance of fame to PSG. Hence, having a long list of subscribers increased the chance for Paris Saint-Germain of gaining fans around the club.

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The start of the success

After the appointment of the Carlo Ancelotti and signing of some of the high profile players initiated the success of the football club. Eventually this allowed them to win the Ligue 1 title of 2012-13. Later on they reached the quarter final of the Champions League but unfortunately could take a victory.

After quite a some time, Ancelotti left the club. Lauren Blanc became the newly appointed manager later on. Afterwards the PSG eventually won Trophee des Champions under his leadership.

They ultimately triumphed, defeating Bordeaux 2-1, in a hard-fought match between PSG and Bordeaux. The 2014 Coupe de la Ligue Final, in which Edinson Cavani helped PSG defeat Lyon 2-1 with two goals, was the second title won by Blanc and PSG. Finally, PSG won Ligue 1 on May 7.

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Paris Saint-Germain Characteristics

Finishing scoring chancesVery Strong
Creating chances through individual skillVery Strong
Creating scoring chancesVery Strong
Protecting the leadStrong

With strengths, there is also a store for weakness. Hence, some of the Paris Saint-Germain weakness includes.

Aerial duelsWeak
Avoiding offsideVery Weak
Stopping opponents from creating chancesVery Weak

Top players in the team


At this moment, there are some of the very strong and successful players in the club. They play a vital role for their team to win.

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Major Rivalries


Le Classique refers to the matches between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille, two teams that have a great rivalry. The teams are the only French teams to have won significant European titles and are the two most successful clubs in French football. As a result, their game is one of the biggest rivalries in the world and the biggest in France.

In 1986, when PSG won their first championship and Bernard Tapie acquired OM, the rivalry got going. By the close of the decade, PSG and Tapie’s Marseille were competing for the 1988–89 championship. Their rivalry grew as a result of the claims made by PSG president Francis Borelli that Tapie and OM had fixed games that season.

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Style of play


PSG – Style of play
Short passesControl the game in the opposition’s half
Attempt through balls oftenPossession football
Attack through the middleNon-aggressive

Titles won by the Paris Saint-Germain


Ligue 110
Ligue 21
Coupe de France14
Trophée des Champions11
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup1
UEFA Intertoto Cup1

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