Rio Olympics Live Streaming on your Smart Devices

The excitement for Rio Olympics 2016 is sky high and the desire catch all the action live is growing intense. An overwhelming majority of fans will be using Rio 2016 official app and will be leveraging their smart devices to catch Rio 2016 live, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. According to a survey, around 85% of the users will stream Rio Olympics live via their smart devices including Smartphone, tablets, kindles and their laptops.

The use of cutting-edge technologies has always been prevalent in the history of Olympics games. From using a radio to broadcast Olympics in 1924, Antwerp Olympics to employing live TV converge for London Olympics in 1948; Olympic Games have always been open to the use of technology to broadcast the games globally. Most recent innovation includes the use of social media to get the insights of Olympics, as witnessed in London, 2012, but this time around smart devices will be the most prominent technological devices.

The Rio 2016 app is expected to break all download records by hitting the 30-million mark. Well, many fans will be watching sports on TV through official broadcasters but a vast majority of them will be using the Rio app and the app of official broadcasters on their smart devices to live stream, watch the tunnel cam, insights and also to share their views. The official Rio Olympics app is available in 7 different languages and can be downloaded in the respective regions.


Also, the athletes will also be using social media apps and the Rio app to stay updated and communicate with the fans. This is a new phenomenon, never witnessed before in the Olympic Games, but the revolution of technology and the emergence of social media have made it possible. The engagement will be high and “Facebook live” will play a crucial role in this regard.

Fans across the world can live stream all the live action using their smart devices through official broadcasters and share their views and reactions using various social media apps. Also, the Rio 2016 app will make easier for the fans to gain deep insights to behind-the-scenes activities.

Rio 2016 App

If you are facing restrictions in accessing the live stream of Rio Olympics or the official broadcasters are not present in your region, then you can always rely on a VPN to help you. A VPN will change your IP and give you complete access to all the live action. Don’t wait! Just subscribe to the best VPN provider form our suggested list and enjoy all the live action of Rio Olympic Games 2016 on your smart device.

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