Sports Streaming Fans – Hide Your Activities from Your ISP

The House of Representatives passed a bill on March 28, snatching away broadband privacy from internet users in the US. The bill only requires President Trump’s seal of approval before many provisions rightly put into place during Obama-era come undone. There’s no denying the fact that President Trump will approve the bill and everyone reading this right now will be denied their right to secure broadband privacy.

Simply put, the House of Representatives proposed a bill earlier this month to repeal an Obama-era FCC rule that restricted ISP providers from selling user data without their permission. Last week, the US Senate passed a resolution, after which the Republicans passed the bill by a vote of 215-205, digging the grave of broadband privacy.

What does all this mean for sports fans in particular and internet users in general? Internet service providers are free to sell users’ data to advertisers or anyone else with the highest bid. Most of you must be thinking what’s different now. Well, it’s not like they weren’t monitoring us before, but there’s a slight change – at least earlier they had to seek permission from the customer and couldn’t punish them for saying no.

For sports fans, it’s an alarming situation. How? Very simple! Whatever modes fans were using until now to live stream their favorite game or to unblock channels, they can’t enjoy that luxury anymore. ISPs can now track you with little transparency and can even charge you for breaching copyrights, which is disgusting to say the least. But have you accepted this fate or will you show some resistance?

Let’s be very clear here. For now, it’s only approved in the US but Australia and the EU are likely to follow suit. What’s next? Obviously, if your internet service provider can sell your data and go through your browsing history that means the surveillance agencies can also track you. So, using a streaming service that’s illegal in your country can put you in trouble. Copyright trolls can easily come after you.

It’s definitely a buzz kill, but living without watching your favorite team play is almost impossible. Just assume you are a Manchester United Fan (you can consider your favorite team, it’s not an obligation) and you cannot see the Red Devils play, if such a rule passes in your country. How disturbing would it be, plus it could easily lead to anxiety – most of the readers would agree with it.

You don’t have to burden yourself. You just need to be smart enough to identify tools that can help you – tools that offer encryption, a service that masks your true IP address or a tool that can allow you to enjoy online freedom. You may find some of the solutions available out there but being a sports fan, a VPN is a must now. While watching a match, avoiding online surveillance and tracking isn’t the only concern, but you also don’t want speed-bumps. Using a VPN is the only way you can enjoy all the above-stated luxuries now.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with a VPN provider now and bypass all sorts of censorships and content surveillance without letting your internet service provider storing your search history.

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Martin is a sports enthusiast and loves to write about trending events globally. He has also been selected for one of the FIFA World Cup Volunteering in 2014. Moreover, he loves to watch TV Shows and is a die hard Kobe Bryant Fan!