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Published 30 June 2021 By: James

Artistic swimming is scheduled to happen from August 2 to August 7. A combined total of 104 athletes are set to compete for two different medal events, which are women’s duet and women’s team. Both these events will happen inside Tokyo Aquatics Center.

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These 104 athletes represent fourteen different nations, each fighting to reign supreme in the swimming category. However, for the past several decades, the swimming event is monopolized by just four countries.

Traditionally, the United States, Canada, and Japan were considered unbeatable in this sport, even managing to win every Olympic medal from 1984 to 1996. That was when a new rival emerged that managed to beat all of the competition. From 2000 onwards, it was Russia that managed to win every swimming Olympic medal.

As of now, Russia leads in terms of the number of gold medals won, with 10 Olympic gold medals. The US comes second with 5 Olympic gold medals. Meanwhile, Japan has the most number of Olympic medals in this sport. However, none of these include any gold medals, and 10 of these are bronze.

Athletics at Summer Olympics 2021 Games Tokyo live stream

There’s one thing you should note before tuning into the upcoming Olympic Games. This year, we won’t be seeing the Russian athletes representing their countries. Instead, they’ll be playing under the banner of the Russian Olympic Committee, shortened to ROC. This is because of the ban that was placed on them by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) after it was discovered that all the athletes were part of a state-sponsored doping scheme in order to illegally improve their performance.

Here are all the nations that will be participating in the upcoming Tokyo games:

  • Australia (8 athletes)
  • Canada (8 athletes)
  • China (8 athletes)
  • Egypt (8 athletes)
  • Great Britain (2 athletes)
  • Greece (8 athletes)
  • Italy (8 athletes)
  • Japan (8 athletes)
  • Kazakhstan (2 athletes)
  • Mexico (2 athletes)
  • ROC (8 athletes)
  • Spain (8 athletes)
  • South Africa (2 athletes)
  • Ukraine (8 athletes)

The competition schedule is as follows:

Date Event Phase
Monday 2 August Duet Free Routine Preliminary
Tuesday 3 August Duet Technical Routine
Wednesday 4 August Duet Free Routine Final
Friday 6 August Team Technical Routine
Saturday 7 August Team Free Routine

 You must be wondering how you can watch the Artistic Swimming Olympics live from your location. If that’s the case, then you’re at the right place. Because given below is the complete guide on how to watch the artistic swimming Olympics live online: