Free TV Channels Subscriptions Deal

Published 9 August 2018 By: James

VPNSports is offering a special deal to its users. The deal includes a Free Premium TV sports channel subscriptions & digital passes of American sports such as MLB and NBA.

To avail the deal, all you need to do is subscribe to the 1 year plan of this VPN. After getting the VPN, email us at [email protected].

The Subject of the email should be “Free Premium Subscription” and in the body, provide the email address from which you purchased the VPN.

Following are the list of TV Channel Subscription and US Sport Passes to chose from.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This special deal is observed by VPNSports.
  2. Only those users will be eligible for the deal who get the VPN from the special link provided by/from
  3. Only 1 TV Channel subscription/pass will be given per purchase of the VPN
  4. The email address is only used to validate from the respective VPN in order to avoid any fraud.
  5. If any fraudulent activity is found, the user may be asked to share the invoice slip through the email address provided
  6. The deal will expire after 24 hours from the purchase date of the VPN service. After that, the user will not be entertained
  7. Note that the deal only applies to the 1 year VPN plan, and no refund policy applicable
  8. You can always tell your choice via social media or email within 24 hours of your VPN purchase
  9. TV Channel/Digital Pass Subscription will be provided within 48 hours
  10. Your preferred channel subscription will be given based on the page from where you have purchased the VPN or banner you clicked on
  11. Please contact [email protected] for any questions

This promotion is in no way sponsored, or administered by any VPN service.