How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Australia


As the world’s leading public service broadcaster, BBC iPlayer is the invention of the BBC. The quality of the UK-based internet video-on-demand and live-streaming service is a positive aspect of it. This article is all about how to watch BBC iPlayer in Australia. 

With so many different genres available for you to choose from, you’ll be able to watch episodes, movies, and documentaries that appeal to you in a variety of ways.

Finally, you’ll be able to watch the most popular channels on your preferred devices, including BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Four, and more. Wimbledon, the Olympics, and a host of other sporting events, as well as films and television programmes including The Responder, Enterprise, Peaky Blinders: Season 6, and many more, are all available for viewing.

Can BBC iPlayer be Accessed in Australia

Unfortunately, unlike Netflix (which offers an Australian library known as Netflix Australia), Disney Plus (which has a content library for Australians known as Disney Plus Australia), and Amazon Prime Video, which offer Australian libraries, BBC iPlayer is not an international streaming service available to everyone. Currently, it is only accessible in the United Kingdom. A territorial restriction error will be shown if you attempt to access the service from this location. However, if you’re a fan of BBC iPlayer, a VPN with UK servers will let you stream BBC iPlayer in Australia.

Steps to Access BBC iPlayer in Australia

Just follow these four simple steps to access BBC iPlayer in Australia:

  • Choose a virtual private network (VPN). In light of ExpressVPN’s lightning-fast speeds and great ability to get around geo-restrictions, we’d suggest it.
  • Make sure you have the VPN software installed on your phone or tablet. It might be a laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, or even a smart television.
  • From the list of available servers, choose a British one.
  • Enter your login and password at and begin viewing BBC iPlayer in Australia.
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Does BBC iPlayer Work With Free VPNs

Before, free VPNs could unblock BBC iPlayer. Streaming material from outside the United Kingdom was restricted by the corporation in 2016 by restricting the use of VPNs. As a result of BBC’s move, free VPNs were deemed useless in overcoming geo-restrictions. They are no longer able to unblock BBC iPlayer.

A premium VPN service with a free trial is an alternative for those who want to access BBC iPlayer without paying a subscription fee. For a limited time, you’ll get free, unrestricted access to one of the most popular streaming services.

Follow the steps below to watch BBC iPlayer Live Online in Australia trouble-free:

  • Subscribe to a Premium VPN
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Watch BBC iPlayer Live Online in Australia risk-free
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Wrapping Up!

BBC iPlayer is a popular channel for sports fans living in the UK. For this reason, they are able to watch it without any geo-restrictions and access over 50 different sporting events on demand with just one click of their remote controls! This means that if you’re not currently located within Great Britain (the country), then using an ExpressVPN will give your ability boost by allowing unlimited streaming from anywhere around world including all major regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the BBC’s iPlayer service free of charge?

The BBC’s iPlayer service isn’t really free to use. In order to utilize this service, you’ll need to get a UK TV license. The BBC, on the other hand, never requests verification of your license ownership and allows you to watch the service in good faith..

The BBC iPlayer is available for free in Australia even if you don’t pay the UK TV license charge.

Is it possible to be punished for using BBC iPlayer without a valid UK television license?

There haven’t been any stories of people being fined for using the BBC iPlayer app without a UK TV license in the UK, but it’s possible. As an Australian, it is even better since you can readily access a wide variety of famous British television series and other material without fear of prosecution.

Does BBC iPlayer ever inquire about obtaining a television broadcasting license in the United Kingdom?

In order to watch PG-rated content on BBC iPlayer, you may be asked to provide proof of a UK TV license. If this is the case, selecting “yes” will enable you to watch the video without any issues.

With a VPN, can you watch BBC iPlayer in Australia?

Accessing foreign (or domestic) material through a VPN is permissible in Australia. Using a quality VPN service, you may access BBC iPlayer from Australia without danger. In fact, Malcolm Turnbull, the former Australian prime minister, agrees.

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