Snooker Live Stream: Watch 2022 Betfred World Championship Online

The biggest snooker event of the year is set to take place from 16 April to 2 May 2022. The championship will be held at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield, England. The semi-final held between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Mark Selby in 2020 generated record-breaking viewership of 2.27 million when broadcasted on BBC Four.

Format Of The Betfred Snooker Championship 2022 

There will be 32 participants fighting out for prize money of £500,000, of which 16 are top snooker world rankers and the other 16 qualifying participants from among 128 others held at the English Institute of Sports, Sheffield.

First Round is played based on the best of nineteen frames. The Second Round and Quarter-Final matches are played best of twenty-five frames. Finally, the Semi-Finals, the best of thirty-three frames, and the Final will be held over two days with the best of thirty-five frames. 

Where To Watch Betfred Championship 2022

Because it is the year’s most awaited event where professionals and amateurs from everywhere contest each other on a table, it has global broadcasting rights. Following is a list of channels and the countries where the awaited snooker championship 2022 will be broadcasted.

How To Watch In the United Kingdom

If you live in the U.K, then luck is on your side because the official broadcasting partner is the BBC iPlayer, where you can watch for free. By any chance, if BBC iPlayer is not available or is not upto your preference, then you may switch to Eurosport. Another option available to the Brits is ITV 4. You can also watch the ITV Hub app available for download on AppStore and Playstore. 

But, what if you are not situated in the U.K right now?

  •  Connect your device to a trusted VPN.
  •  Select the U.K. as your country. 
  • Continue streaming on any of the channels.

How To Watch In The United States, Canada, And Brazil

Americans, Canadians, and Brazilians can view the 2022 Betfred Snooker Championship tournaments live on the DAZN channel, which costs just $20 a month or $150 a year.

If you happen to be out of your country, then,

  •  Download a VPN service. 
  • Connect your device to your location.
  • Stream on your preferred channel.

How To Watch In Australia

Aussies can stream the Snooker Betfred Championship Finals 2022 live on either Fox Sports or Kayo Sports. 

To watch the entire series of tournaments, you will have to,

  •  Download or install a VPN service. 
  • Choose Australia as your location.
  • Open your streaming service.

 How To Watch From Anywhere Else

Are you a snooker fan living in any other country? Then you may find the channel broadcasting in your region from the table below.

New Zealand Sky Sports NZ
China CCTV-5, Rigour, Youku
Hong KongNow TV
Malaysia and BruneiAstro SuperSports
ThailandTrue Vision
PhilippinesPremier Sports Network

How To Watch From Using A VPN Service

Sadly, broadcasting channels are restricted to only a few locations, cutting off many fans worldwide to tune in, but worry not because we are here to ensure that you can stream all of the 2022 Snooker Championship’s tournaments and not miss out on any of the action.

Moreover, The solution to your “This content is not available in your location.” is to simply mask your location and connect to an alternative site where the tournament is being broadcasted. This is done via a Virtual Private Network or VPN, which works by rerouting your internet traffic to a different location. Rest assured because this is a completely legal and secure way.

Follow the steps listened down below to spoof your location;

  • Open Google Playstore or Appstore on your device.
  • Install a trusted VPN service.
  • Buy a subscription.
  • Select your location.
  • Log on to your preferred streaming service.
  • Sit back, munch onto your snacks, and enjoy.


Do not forget to clear your device’s browser cache and history for a better connection.

How To Watch Using A DNS Proxy Server

A DNS server does the same thing as a VPN service by unblocking any location restrictions in case you are, unfortunately, situated out of the United Kingdom at the moment. 

A Smart DNS Proxy delivers the same result a Virtual Private Network may. However, there may be a difference due to a lack of encryption, but this will provide a faster connection. In addition, most Smart DNS Proxy servers offer free trials for your advantage. 

Smart DNS Proxy servers are efficient and grant access to hundreds of channels, including the BBC iPlayer broadcasting the 2022 Betfred Snooker Championship, which can be streamed on any of your devices, whether iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, PS3/PS4, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox. 


Since a DNS Proxy server does not encrypt your IP address, your protection online is not guaranteed. In addition, the IP address is visible to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the public eye. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are some of your confusions still unsettled? Please go through the FAQs to clear them all out. 

When Will the Betfred World Snooker Championship 2022 Begin?

The 2022 Betfred Snooker World Championship will be from 16 April to 2 May 2022.

Where is the Championship Taking Place?

The Snooker World Betfred Championship will be held at Sheffield, England’s Crucible Theater.

Who is the Defending Champion?

Mark Selby, who won the final against Shaun Murphy in 2021, 18 – 15.

Can I Watch the 2022 World Snooker Championship for Free?

Yes, BBC iPlayer will be broadcasting the tournament, so you will be able to watch it for free.

What is the Winning Prize?

The winner will be rewarded with prize money of £500,000. 

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