Boccia Sport: How to Watch Paralympics Games Live from Anywhere


In this guide learn about How to Watch Paralympics and some exciting sports such as Boccia. Lets start, a total of 22 sports are included in the list of Paralympic games that athletes play in Summer Paralympics. Out of those 22, six played at the Winter Paralympics. Among those, Boccia (pronounced bot-cha) that was introduced in 1984 still stands high and proud. Boccia is a target ball sport which tests both a player’s precision and muscle control.  

At present, more than 50 nations play Boccia, making it the most rapidly growing disability sport on the planet. It was the year 1984 when Boccia sport was brought into the Paralympics. All these nations are members of and administered by the Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed). As a recreational sport, Boccia is likewise played by individuals with a scope of physical, learning and sensory inabilities.

The very best sport that celebrates diversity and disability is totally worth watching. Fortunately, we’ve listed down all possible ways to get a live stream of the event. 

How to Watch Paralympics Boccia 2022 Live Online from Anywhere in the World

In Canada, you can watch the Paralympics for free at CBC. While you’d normally hope to pay to take full advantage of the platform, it offers loads of free Paralympics coverage for free of cost on its site and through its applications.

In the land “Down Under” aka Australia, you can watch a Paralympics live stream for free. All the coverage will be accessible on Channel 7 on cable TV and online through its on-request service, 7Plus. For those across the lake in New Zealand, you have the choice of looking free of charge on TVNZ Duke and TVNZ OnDemand.

All these channels have the same problem which are the geo-restrictions. To overcome that issue, you need to download and install a VPN service.

Follow the steps below to Watch Boccia Sport Live Online for free on CBC:

  • Subscribe to a VPN Provider
  • Connect to a server in Canada
  • Enjoy watching Boccia Live Stream on CBC for Free
Watch CBC

How to Watch Paralympics Live Stream in the UK

If you’re in the UK, then Channel 4 is your go-to choice for Paraympics coverage for free. Even if you can’t access it from TV, then Channel 4’s Paralympics microsite is offering you more than 16 live streams. You just have to sign up for a free Channel 4 account to do that. 

If you’re outside of the UK and still want access to Channel 4, simply connect a VPN and change your location to the UK from anywhere in the world and celebrate the heroes that those players are! 

Follow the instructions step by step to access Channel 4 for Boccia Sports Live Streaming:

  • Signup for a Compatible VPN
  • Connect to a server in UK
  • Start watching Boccia Paralympic Sport 2022 on Channel 4 for Free.
Watch Channel 4

How to Watch Paralympics Live Online Seamlessly in the US

Just like the Olympics, the Paralympics also get massive mainstream media coverage especially in the US, although only a few platforms give free access to watch such as NBC, NBCSN and Peacock Tv. 

For more elaborative coverage, the viewers should buy into either Sling TV or FuboTV. 

With a huge array of streaming platforms, even then if you are somewhere outside of the US and wish to watch the Boccia sport, with the assistance of a VPN you’ll have the option to watch the event the way you’d do at home.

How to Watch Boccia Sport Using a VPN

It’s as simple as a piece of cake. Just spoof your IP address, make a few clicks here and there and BAMM! Let me tell you how to swing that wand.

  • Subscribe to a VPN. 
  • Connect to the appropriate location after clicking the “current location” tab.
  • Click the POWER button to connect to the VPN server.
  • You have now built a secure connection with the best and fastest VPN.
  • Now go to the broadcaster’s live stream and have a fun evening!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my money back if I don’t like the VPN?

Yes, you can request for a full refund. But it is highly unlikely that you would dislike the VPN.

Can anyone track my IP address if I’m using a VPN?

No. Once you opt for a VPN, it will easily hide your identity and you can surf the internet, stream the IPL live, or do anything you want without the fear of being traced. You can surf the internet without stressing over the authorities or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) snooping on your web activity.

Is the VPN helpline available all the time?

The VPN is available 24/7 to make the client’s browsing experience as smooth as silk.

Will VPN slow down my internet connection?

It is possible with any VPN but the difference is so minor that it is not even noticeable at times.

What type of services can I access with a VPN?

It helps access a wide range of services, including entertainment platforms, social media websites and news providers. 

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