How To Watch BT Sport On PlayStation 4


Playstation 4 fans can easily stream sports channels on it. BT sport on Playstation is widely accessible so feel free to stream it.

BT Sport is becoming an increasingly important part of any diehard armchair sports fan’s EPG. As it provides exclusive access to a vast range of top-tier events and tournaments. However, with so many alternatives for subscribing the network’s channels, it might be difficult to know which path to take for individuals interested in signing up for the service.

This is all you could possibly need to know about BT Sport. Whether you’re wanting to watch Champions League activity on your smartphone or receive UFC live broadcasts on your big screen. Continue reading to view answers on how to watch BT Sports on PlayStation 4. 

How To Watch BT Sports On PlayStation 4? 

The latest version of BT’s BT Sport app is now available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) gaming device.

The introduction coincides with the free broadcast of the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League Finals, which will be available to UK viewers. The PS4 app provides access to BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, ESPN, BoxNation, and the BT Sport Extra channels, just as its mobile and smart TV counterparts.

Customers of BT Sport may download the new app for free on PS4 by going to TV & Video from the content launcher or PlayStation Store. Existing BT Sport subscribers may access content using their login credentials, while new consumers can sign up for £10 (€11.61) per month with BT Broadband or £29.99 (€34.82) per month on its own.

Also, you can download a VPN to access BT Sports on PS4. The basic and necessary steps to download a VPN are: 

  • Choose a VPN of your own choice. 
  • Select a severe that fits best for you.
  • You can access BT Sports on your PS4 easily. 
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What Precisely Is BT Sport?

BT Sports was launched in the UK and Ireland by telecoms company BT in 2013. It was introduced as a direct competitor to rival pay-tv network Sky Sports. BT Sports created headlines by acquiring a large share of exclusive live broadcast rights for the Premier League.

It’s since grown into a pillar of UK sports television, with exclusive rights to everything from cricket and rugby to mixed martial arts and boxing.

In addition to the three standard BT Sports channels, the network now includes the US-focused BT Sport ESPN and a companion BT Sport Ultimate channel, which broadcasts select events in super high definition 4K, HDR visual quality, and Dolby Atmos sound.

With BT Sport, What Can I Watch?

The main attraction of BT Sport is its coverage of top-tier football. The network presently has the right to broadcast 52 Premier League matches live per season. The majority of these matches will take place on Saturday afternoons. It also has unrivaled FA Cup coverage, with 28 matches scheduled to air on the network during the season.

In the UK, BT Sport has the field to itself when it comes to European club football events. With the network broadcasting the Champions League and Europa League completely live, and select UEFA Conference League matchups.

BT Sport, however, does not only cater to football enthusiasts.

WWE Raw, WWE NXT, and WWE SmackDown are all broadcast on BT Sport 1, with WWE Raw, WWE NXT, and WWE SmackDown airing every week.

It also has exclusive UFC broadcast rights, with every UFC Fight Night broadcasted on BT Sport as usual. While some high-profile UFC events are only available on PPV through BT Sport Box Office, the vast majority are not and are available for free on BT’s linear networks.

All MotoGP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 races, as well as warm-ups and practices, select international Test and T20 cricket, Gallagher Premiership and Heineken Champions Cup Rugby Union, major card boxing events, and MLB baseball, are exclusively available on BT Sport

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the charges for the BT Sports PS4 app?

Starting at £10 a month, BT Sport’s new PS4 app provides BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3. Alos, ESPN, Boxnation, and the BT Sport Extra channels.

Why use a VPN? 

Using a VPN can hide your real geographical location. 

Is 4K supported by BT Sport?

Yes. You can watch stuff in 4K UHD or regular HD on the BT Sport app (1080p up to 50 frames per second).

Is UFC on BT Sport free?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. UFC fans used to be able to watch UFC big events on BT Sport 2 for free if they already had a subscription.

Every major UFC event is currently televised on BT Sport Box Office, and tickets are typically £19.95.

Is it possible to watch boxing on BT Sport?

Yes, you certainly can. BT Sports members can access none other than BoxNation through the BT Sport app, in addition to being one of the top Boxing broadcasters in the UK.

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