How to Watch CBS in South Africa

Are you getting frustrated because you keep running into restrictions when trying to watch CBS in South Africa? Then we’re here for you and have a solution for you. So, make sure you read the entire article to find a solution and clear up any confusion you may have about CBS. Let’s get started.

What is CBS and How Does it Work

CBS is also known as The Columbia Broadcasting System. It’s a radio and television network based in the United States. Which is operated and owned by Paramount Global. CBS is the world’s second-largest broadcaster, chasing only the BBC. And has a large global audience.

CBS offers a wide range of content, from sports to movies, and much more. Furthermore, the majority of the CBS shows are free, you do not need a TV subscription to watch them. However, this is only beneficial to those who live in the United States. Because, sadly, it does not allow anyone to watch their original content outside of the United States.

How Can I Watch CBS in South Africa

Unfortunately, CBS is only available in the United States. Because it is an American network. Furthermore, as previously stated, it does not allow anyone to watch their original content outside of the United States. As a result, all CBS users who attempt to watch it in South Africa or from anywhere will be unsuccessful and will be faced with the region’s geo-restrictions.

However, one of the safest ways to gain access to CBS and easily remove all region geo-restrictions exists. Are you wondering how? By just using a VPN, yes you can bypass all restrictions and gain access to CBS even if you are in South Africa or elsewhere outside of the United States. Furthermore, for VPN to function properly. Complete all of the steps outlined below.

  • Register to a good VPN service. 
  • Choose the US as your region server. 
  • Watch CBS in South Africa or abroad. 
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How to Sign Up for CBS in South Africa

If you want to watch CBS in South Africa, you must first sign up by following the steps outlined below.

  • When signing up from South Africa, you must always use a VPN service. Because you cannot access CBS in South Africa without a VPN. However, to get around the restrictions and gain access, use a well-known VPN service.
  • Connect to the US server, and then navigate to MyGiftCardSupply. Create a CBS account and purchase a CBS gift card ranging from $20 to $100.
  • We recommend that you purchase a $100 gift commercial-free annual plan. Because it will cost less than $20 to pay for a month of commercial-free subscription.
  • Then navigate to CBS’s gift card page. Where you can redeem your subscription by entering your gift card pin.
  • After that, Create a CBS account and enter a billing address in the United States. You can choose any hotel in the United States for this.
  • After completing these steps, your account will be activated. You must re-enter your password.
  • You can now easily watch CBS in South Africa.

Why a VPN is Required to Watch CBS in South Africa

A VPN is required to watch CBS in South Africa because CBS is only available to users who are in the United States. However, If you are not in the United States or are leaving the country for any reason and want to watch CBS from anywhere, then you will always need a VPN service.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that provides you with a private IP address that allows you to easily gain access and bypass all geo-restrictions from abroad. In South Africa, a VPN allows you to watch CBS safely and anonymously. That is why a VPN is necessary. For the VPN, all you need to do is.

  • Purchase a trustworthy VPN service.
  • Select the US server from the list.
  • Watch CBS in South Africa securely. 
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To Sum Up

We’ve come to the end of this article. And at this point, we hope you understand everything that has been discussed in this article about how to watch CBS in South Africa. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to watch CBS for free?

Yes, it is possible. Because CBS offers a free 7-day trial to all new subscribers who provide a valid payment method.

How to watch CBS in India and the United Kingdom?

A VPN is also required to watch CBS in India and the United Kingdom. Purchase a VPN service for this purpose. Then select the US server to easily watch CBS in India and the United Kingdom.

Is it possible to watch CBS without a cable?

Yeah sure, it is. go to the app store and download the CBS app for your Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and other devices.

In which countries is CBS available?

Currently, CBS is available only in the US, Canada, And Australia. 

Can I watch CBS on my Virgin TV?

Yes, all Virgin TV subscribers can watch CBS drama, CBS reality, CBS action, and horror channels for free.

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