How To Watch CBS on Apple TV

CBS is an American-based network of radio and TV channels. The network of channels is available to watch in the United States, Canada and Australia. CBS provides entertainment and real-time media access ranging from stellar originals, TV shows, news updates and sports in the daytime, to primetime and late nights too. The network of channels includes CBS News, CBS Shows, CBS Drama, CBS Justice, CBS Reality and many more. 

For its online viewers, the channel also launched a streaming service, CBS All Access available to download from the Web Store, Google Playstore, App Store or the Microsoft Store. This service was re-branded as Paramount Plus in May of 2021. 

You can watch CBS on Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast. This article will particularly focus on how you can watch CBS on Apple TV. Read on to know exactly how you can do so. 

How to Install CBS All Access on Apple TV? 

You can watch sports events, news updates and your favorite TV shows from CBS on Apple TV. Follow the step-by-step guide provided below in the article to help you set up your account and continue viewing.

  • Open the App Store, search for CBS All Access app and download it.
  • Launch the app once it has been downloaded on your Apple TV. 
  • Go to Settings. You will find this in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Here you will have two options to sign in. You can either ‘Sign in manually’ or you can ‘Sign in with a code’. 
  • To sign in manually you will simply need to enter your login credentials. If you do not already have an account then click on sign up to set up with your email. 
  • To sign in with a code, go to your browser and enter
  • Enter the code you see on CBS All Access app in the browser.  
  • There you go. Your CBS account is all set up for you to stream. 
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How to Get CBS Using a VPN? 

CBS is available to watch only in a select few countries that include, including the U.S., Canada and Australia. If you do not live in these countries or are at present situated anywhere outside then you will be unable to access CBS. You will see the message ‘Content Unavailable’, ‘Page not found’ or simply get to see a blank screen. This is due to the geo-restrictions in place. 

To overcome this, you will need a Virtual Private Network or VPN. A VPN will alter your geographical location or your IP address on the internet and reroute your connection through a different location or IP address as per your selection where the content, in this scenario, CBS, is available. Follow the steps below to set up a VPN connection. 

  • Download or install a VPN from the App Store.
  • Buy a VPN subscription package that suits you. 
  • From the list of locations, select the either U.S., Canada or Australia as your location since CBS is only available in these countries. 
  • Open CBS and view your favorite content as you normally would. 

Now grab your snacks, sit back and enjoy. Remember to clear cache and browser history for a better connection. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have any more questions, here are some FAQs for you to go through. 

Do I need a subscription to CBS? 

No. You can watch all content for free on CBS without needing to buy a subscription package. 

Where is CBS available to watch? 

CBS is available to watch for free in the United States, Canada and Australia. 

How to watch CBS using a VPN? 

Download a VPN. Get a VPN subscription. Select any location in the U.S., Canada or Australia. Open CBS.

Are VPNs legal? 

You can rest easy because VPNs are completely legal. It is not a crime to hide your IP address using a VPN. 

Does VPN sell data to third-party apps? 

If you have downloaded a trusted VPN and bought a subscription then there is no chance that your personal information will be sold to third-party apps.