WDF Championship: Watch Darts Live Stream Online from Anywhere


Are you ready to Watch Darts Live Online? The World Darts Federation’s inaugural World Championship, the Lakeside WDF Darts Live Championship, will occur in 2022. The event is scheduled to be held in Surrey, where the now-defunct BDO World Championships were contested from 1986 to 2019. Finals day is April 10th, with 48 men and 24 women competing for the crown.

The event will occur on Saturday, April 2nd, 2022, and will end on Sunday, April 10th, 2022.

It was initially scheduled to take place in January, the typical month for the BDO World Championship at the Lakeside Country Club, but due to mounting Covid-19 limitation worries, the organizers decided to postpone it until April.

How To Watch Darts Live Stream Online From Anywhere in the World

With all-stars like Jarred Cole, Jordan Brooks, and Darlene van Leeuwen in action, it’s only natural to want to be among the millions in attendance, high on adrenaline emotions and your heart racing like a marathon as your players seek their championships.

Sky Sports is one of the official broadcasting channels to watch darts live. However, the channel is been geo-restricted and cannot allow anyone outside UK. So if you are travelling and wishes to watch darts live then follow the steps below to access Sky Sports via VPN.

  • Subscribe to a VPN Service
  • Connect to a server in UK
  • Watch Darts Live Online on Sky Sports trouble-free
Watch Sky Sports

How To Stream WDF Darts Live In the US And Australia

If you live in the United States or Australia, you’re in luck since you have a variety of fantastic alternatives.

Subscribers to ESPN Plus may watch the game live in a variety of languages. You can also utilize Willow TV to watch, but you’ll need to pay an extra USD 35 for a Sling subscription to get an even better deal. Right now, you can sign up for Willow TV via Sling for $6 per month for the first three months.

Are you already a subscriber to these streaming services but are unable to access them from another country? Well, you’ve arrived at the correct place. Simply connect your phone to the United States using your preferred VPN.

Follow the steps below to Watch WDF Darts Championship 2022 buffer-free:

  • Get your hands on a Compatible VPN
  • Choose the US or Australia as your region
  • Seamlessly Watch Darts Live Online on ESPN plus
Watch ESPN +

How To Stream WDF Darts Live in New Zealand 

Sky Sport is available to New Zealand residents for NZD 57.98 per month or $31.99 per month. Furthermore, if you already have Sky, the first month is, by chance, free.

Furthermore, you may save even more money by subscribing to Sky Sports Now for $19.99 weekly, $39.99 monthly, or $399 annually.

If you’re ever out of the nation and don’t want to miss out on any of the fun, you can install a VPN on your device from the AppStore or Play store.

WDF Darts Championship 2022 Confirmed Players

Mentioned below are a few names of the players who will be competing in the WDF World Dart Championship 2022. 

Men Players

  • Brian Raman 
  • Thibault Tricole 
  • Wayne Warren
  • Ross Montgomery 
  • Neil Duff 

Women Players

  • Deta Hedman
  • Anastasia Dobromyslova
  • Anca Zijlstra
  • Aileen de Graaf
  • Beau Greaves

Youth Players

  • Eleanor Cairns
  • Wibke Riemann
  • Leighton Bennett
  • Charlie Large
  • Luis Liptow

Why You Need a VPN To Watch the WDF World Darts Live

Surrey is hosting the WDF World Darts Championship. However, if you’re not in the right nation, you can use a VPN to watch the tournament from anywhere. A VPN routes your internet traffic via a location you designate, which then behaves as if it’s you. It encrypts your data so that it cannot be read by anybody who obtains access to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does WDF stand for in darts?

The WDF stands for World’s Darts Federation. 

What do legs mean in darts?

A leg is a single game in the sport of darts. Most darts matches are played over a number of legs.

How many darts Organizations are there?

The PDC and the BDO are two prominent darts organizations.

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