How to Watch DAZN in Australia


You can now watch DAZN in Australia by reading this article. And come to know how you can get access to watch DAZN in Australia or from anywhere in the world. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Exactly is DAZN

Da Zone is how you pronounce DAZN. It includes all of the latest on-demands and live streaming’s of any sports and live events. DAZN is a one-stop shop for all sports enthusiasts. It is currently available only in Germany, the United States, Italy, Spain, Austria, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, and Canada. DAZN is difficult to access outside of these countries due to a regional geo-restrictions issue. However, several networks, including DAZN, adhere to this policy strictly.

How to Watch DAZN in Australia

As previously stated, the names of the countries that have access to DAZN are listed above. However, Australia is one of the countries where DAZN is not available. Subscribers will also face restrictions when attempting to use DAZN in Australia and other locations.

So, how do we get access to DAZN in Australia? We can easily watch DAZN in Australia by using a VPN. Because a VPN allows you to bypass DAZN’s region geo-restrictions and quickly gain access to watch it in Australia. A VPN will provide you with an IP address, allowing you to watch anonymously. So, all you have to do for this is.

  • Buy a fast VPN service
  • Select the US or Canada as your region.
  • Watch exclusively DAZN in Australia. 
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Which Devices Does DAZN Support

Watch and enjoy DAZN in Australia by using one of the devices listed in the table below. DAZN supports all of the devices, the following are.

iPhone, iPadRokuPlaystation 3
Android phones, tabletAmazon Fire TV StickPlaystation 4, Pro
Amazon Fire tabletAndroid TVPlaystation 5
 Apple TVXbox One, One S
 Google ChromecastXbox One X
 LG Smart TV, SmartcastXbox Series X, S
 Panasonic Smart TV 
 Samsung Smart TV 
 Sony Smart TV 

What is the Cost of DAZN and How Do I Pay in Australia

DAZN’s monthly subscription fee in Australia is $2.99 AUD. With this subscription fee, you can easily watch all on-demand and live sports streaming. And for this, you must first sign in to the DAZN website in order to purchase a subscription. Furthermore, in Australia, you can make payments using the following payment methods:

  • Paypal.
  • GiftCard.
  • Google In-App Payment.
  • Apple In-App Payment.
  • Debit Card.
  • Credit Card.

And, in order to watch it in Australia, a VPN is always required. To obtain the VPN, complete all of the steps outlined below.

  • Purchase a good VPN service.
  • Choose a US server from the given list.
  • Enjoy watching DAZN in Australia. 
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Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch DAZN in Australia

It is not safe to watch DAZN by using a free VPN. Because free VPNs are untrustworthy and completely useless for bypassing all geo-restrictions. Furthermore, all of the free VPN servers are completely blacklisted. Which is quickly and easily blocked by DAZN.

However, always use tested well-known VPN services that work well and quickly in bypassing all restrictions. That’s all you need to do for the VPN.

Final Thoughts

Now you can watch DAZN from anywhere in the world, including Australia. Make sure to always use a good VPN service to get the most out of all the live sports streaming action on DAZN in Australia or anywhere else. Thank you for reading this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

In how many countries is DAZN available?

DAZN is currently available in over 200 countries around the world.

What type of sports does DAZN offer?

On DAZN, you can watch live fight nights, boxing, classic fights, documentaries, daily boxing shows, and other sports content that DAZN is currently focusing on.

Is DAZN available in Mexico and Ireland? 

No, it is not available. However, you can purchase a VPN. Select the United States as your region server, and you can now also watch DAZN in Mexico or Ireland.

Is it possible to watch DAZN for free?

Yes, DAZN offers a one-month free trial to all its subscribers.

Is it possible to watch DAZN on my TV?

Yeah, you can watch DAZN also on your TV by signing into your DAZN account.

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