How to Watch F1 on iPhone


Thrilling Formula One races are emerging and you might be wondering how to watch F1 on iPhone. Haven’t got the F1 TV subscription yet? Don’t worry! This post goes out to you!

If you’re an F1 enthusiast, you already know how nail-biting and exciting the races can be. Just like every car racing lover, you would also want to keep your eyes glued on every second of the race.

However, if you’re away from home and want to catch up with live-action, and F1 TV app is a go-to place for all the live streaming. Once you have the subscription, you can easily stream through the F1 TV app on your iPhone.

Let’s walk you through some commendable solutions to stream F1 on iPhone from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch F1 on iPhone From Anywhere?

F1 or Formula One is regarded as a top-tier single-seat, open-wheel, and open-cockpit professional car racing competition. Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or the International Automobile Federation – shortly known as FIA governs and sanctions these high-end racing games.

As an F1 devotee, you know how crucial it is for every fan to keep their eyes on every live-action. Can’t watch these races while sitting in the competition? Don’t you worry! We’ve got a lot on our plate for you.

No matter where you belong to – just sit back in your home and watch Formula One live on the following commendable apps.

Follow the steps below to Watch Formula 1 Live Online on ORF Live Online via your Iphone:

  • Signup for a VPN Subscribers
  • Connect tot a serer in Austria
  • Watch F1 Races live online in Austria on ORF for Free via your iPhone
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Best Streaming Services To Watch The F1 Races Live Online:

Formula 1 Live: 

This app allows you to be updated with the latest news and updates from Formula One. Via video highlights, the memories from your favorite matches aren’t going anywhere.

F1 TV: 

Even better – F1 TV allows users to live broadcasts of all Formula One races with On-Demand video highlights.

Motorsport TV: 

Watch live streaming of every motorsports event like Formula One with Motorsport TV.

NBC Sports App: 

Catch LIVE streaming of F1 races broadcast on the NBC network.

FOX Sports GO: 

Watch On-Demand Formula One races broadcast on the FOX network with FOX Sports GO app.

F1 Fanatic: 

Enjoy live coverage of F1 races along with the latest news, photos, and videos.

ESPN App: 

This app lets you stream F1 matches displayed on the ESPN network.

However, you might stumble upon some geo-blocking and regional problems while streaming from these apps. In such instances, a good and reliable VPN solution always helps!

How to Stream F1 on Your iPhone?

Huge fan of Formula 1, right? Then you’d want to open all ways to keep up with live-action from F1 exciting races.

You already know the drill – ONE App. This app is free to download from the Apple Store. All the live races and On-Demand are streamlined cleanly.

Follow these basic steps to stream f1 on one app with your iPhone:

  • Click on the App Store icon of your iPhone
  • Tap on the Search icon
  • Type “Network ten” inside the Search icon
  • Now choose the “Channel Ten” application
  • Click on the “Free” icon
  • Click on the “Ten” icon on the home screen of your iPhone
  • Tap on the F1 application
  • Select the “Live Video” button
  • Now stream the Formula 1 live races automatically being played on your iPhone

Do you see? It was that easy to stream through ONE app using your iPhone. Now, suppose you don’t have an iPhone and neither would the live match stream seamlessly. In that case, a good VPN always works like a charm. 

Just select a reliable VPN connection, set the location for a country that’s actively broadcasting/streaming live F1 matches, and ENJOY!

How to Stream F1 Live Races from Selected Regions?

Those who follow Formula One may already be aware of F1 TV – it offers live F1 action, highlights, replays of classic races, and more.

Most people will opt for the F1 TV Pro subscription, which offers live streaming of every F1 Grand Prix plus F2, F3, and Porsche Supercup. The rates vary by country – for example, there’s a 9.99-per-month charge in the US, or a $79.99-per-year charge in some other countries – and in some cases, you can get a 7-day trial for free.

F1 TV does not broadcast live coverage of the Grand Prix everywhere. The UK and Australia are notable exceptions.

If you’re living outside the selected regions for an F1 TV Pro subscription, opt for a VPN connection to continue streaming!

How to stream F1 in the UK?

Sky Sports is streaming all 2022 F1 GP live races for its dedicated Sky Sports F1 channel in 4K UHD. Moreover, the subscribers have the access to stream on the move via a Sky Go app available on all portable devices including iPhones. Now Sports Membership is an option for those without Sky.

You’re outside of the UK right now? Get yourself covered with a high-quality VPN server.

Follow the steps below to watch F1 Races live online on Sky Sports Seamlessly:

  • Signup for a Compatible VPN
  • Connect to a server in UK
  • Watch F1 Races live online via Sky Sports Instantly
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How to Watch F1 Racing in the US?

US viewers can follow the entire 2022 Formula 1 season on ESPN. ESPN is also available to cord-cutters without having to subscribe to a cable subscription. ABC will also air the Mexican Grand Prix on October 30 as well as the United States Grand Prix on October 23.

How to Watch F1 Racing in the US without Cable:

The cable-cutting streaming service Sling TV offers ESPN in its Orange package. Plus, for your first month, you’ll save $10, bringing the price down to just $25.

In addition to Sling TV, Sling TV also includes 30+ other channels. You can cancel at any time with no contract.

If you prefer, you can try fuboTV, which offers ESPN, ABC, and over 120 other channels on a 7-day FREE trial of fuboTV.

Outside of the US and unable to stream through FuboTV’s main channels? Don’t worry. A good VPN connection would work like a charm!

  • Invest in a reliable VPN connection
  • Select your home country as the USA
  • Watch the live streaming of Formula 1 on the go!

How to Watch F1: Live Stream Formula 1 in Australia?

Fox Sports and Foxtel will broadcast each race of the 2022 season in Australia. For those without access to Fox via a pay-TV package, Kayo Sports is a great streaming service.

From $25 a month, you can access over 50 other sports, such as football, rugby league, soccer, Formula 1, and many more! Suitable for those who do not want to go all out on Fox. You can also try Kayo free for two weeks!

You can also live stream the Australian Grand Prix on 9Now for FREE on April 10. If you travel abroad, you can also take your F1 coverage with you.

To those looking to watch home coverage of sports while they’re outside of Australia, a good VPN is the solution.

All you need is to follow these basic steps:

  • Download a reputable VPN server in your iPhone
  •  Open the Kayo app or website on your iPhone
  • Open your VPN connection and set Australia as your home country
  • Now stream Live Formula 1 races!

Wrapping It Up!

Above, we have mentioned some reliable solutions for how to watch F1 on an iPhone. Since the whole point is about streaming live races seamlessly at the comfort of your home, a good VPN connection would never fail to help.

To stay on the safer side and unblock your favorite content, invest in a reliable, fast, and affordable VPN service!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who won F1 2021?

Max Verstappen is the ultimate winner of the 2021 Formula One World Championship.

Who is the best F1 driver?

In terms of wins and career points, Lewis Hamilton is the best F1 driver.

How to watch F1 for free on your phone?

With the Formula ONE app and secondly via streaming services like BBC Sport or ESPN.

How to watch live F1 races in New Zealand?

Spark Sport offers a 7-day free trial period for all New Zealanders. If you’re outside your homeland, a good VPN connection is always here for the rescue.

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