How to watch F1 Live on Firestick


F1 Live season is in full swing and there’s no better way to catch all of the action than live streaming on your Firestick. Whether you’re an advocate for new regulations or classics, we have everything that will satisfy your needs! In this guide I’ll show how easy it can be to watch Formula 1 With a few clicks from their remote control (or phone).

How to watch Formula 1 on Firestick Live Online

Just follow these simple steps to watch the Formula 1 on Firestick:

Step 1: Subscribe  to a Compatible VPN

Download the SportsVPN Firestick app from the website. Once downloaded, install the app and log in with your username password. If you do not have a VPN account already, you can sign up from within the app too. A username and password will be emailed to you once the signup process has been completed.

Step 2: Connect to Desired Server

When connecting to a VPN, ensure that you select a server in a country where F1 live streams are available. To connect to SportsVPN, just launch the app, select a server,  and hit the connect button.

Step 3: Access Live Streams

There are many channels and platforms which offer live streams for F1 races. The following section contains an overview of some of the most popular services and channels which provide high-quality F1 live streams.

How to Get a VPN for Firestick

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Firestick has got its separate fan base. The streaming hardware is owned by millions of users across the world, even though it normally works in just a few countries. VPN users can enjoy watching their favorite content on Firestick, including sports like Formula 

Here is how you can get a VPN on your Firestick:

  • From your Amazon Fire TV or Amazon TV stick main menu, go to Apps.
  • Open Categories and select Utility.
  • Select SportsVPN and click Download.
  • Once the download has completed, go back to your main menu.
  • Navigate to My Apps, and launch the SportsVPN app.
  • Select the US as your preferred country and hit connect.
Get SportsVPN

Best Streaming Services to Watch F1 Live Online 

Want to watch Formula 1 on your Firestick device? These apps require a subscription and are only available in certain countries, but you can get around that with one easy step: change IP address and start streaming formula 1 races live online seamlessly. 

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a great way to watch F1 on your Firestick. The live television streaming service offers over 85 channels including ESPN and ABC, so you can enjoy this year’s Formula One races without cable! You won’t just be limited with sports either; they have plenty of other content available through their app like movies or paid add-ons that will take your viewing experience up another notch too.

F1 TV Pro

The F1 TV Pro service is the best way to watch Formula 1 on your Firestick. You’ll get access not only live coverage of every Grand Prix, but also team radios and replays that are unavailable anywhere else! With a VPN you can even use this amazing app if it isn’t available in your country.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the best way to watch F1 racing live and on-demand. The service offers access too dozens of essential channels, like ESPN which lets you enjoy all your favorite sports moments without any commercials! You can subscribe for only $30 per month. 


FuboTV is a fantastic service that has been around for quite some time. With over 100 channels to choose from, it’s no wonder why this streaming platform gained popularity as more people desired access without having cable or satellite TV packages in their area which offered fewer choices than what they had before due mainly because many sporting events are broadcasted on these types of networks such as ESPN and ABC.

The only problem? You need an account if located outside United States since only residents abroad would be able see your content so far but luckily there’s always VPNs available


Have you been looking for an easy way to watch your favorite sports channels? Well, look no further because the ESPN Firestick app can be used with any streaming device. It’s not just about live TV either – this program also has bonus features like highlights and replays! You won’t want to miss out on all of these benefits when they’re available in one place at once through this fantastic service by paying monthly or yearly subscriptions based on what suits them best in terms of reasonableness of the product. 

F1 2022: Official Broadcasting Channels List

With the help of VPN, you can watch Formula 1 racing from anywhere in any part of the world. All that’s necessary to do is just change your virtual location and select a channel where it’s broadcasting live streams for this sport

AustraliaTEN BOLD, Fox Sports
AustriaServus TV
GermanyRTL Television, Sky Sport
ItalySky Sport F1, Rai 1
NetherlandsZiggo Sport
SpainMovistar F1
United StatesNBC Sports (English),CNBC (English), Telemundo (Español)
United KingdomSky Sports , Channel 4 F1

Frequently asked questions

Can I watch F1 on Amazon Fire Stick?

F1 races are one of the most popular sports in this world. If you want to watch them on your Fire TV, I recommend installing apps like ESPN Plus or Youtube TV with a subscription that costs money but will let users enjoy all this great content without commercials.

Is F1 live on Amazon Prime?

The Financial Times reported that F1 is in talks with Amazon to make its races available on the latter’s platform. However, no official announcement has been made yet about streaming them live via Prime Video

How do I watch F1 on Firestick for free?

The F1 season is long and difficult to follow for those not living in countries where races are broadcasted. Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this problem: streaming sites that offer subscription services with either monthly fees or one time payments. 

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