How to Watch Major League Baseball in Australia

Major League Baseball is hands-down the most historic professional sports league played in the United States, comprising a total of 30 member clubs alone in the US and Canada. With MLB Network and MLB digital platforms having success stories of their own, MLB keeps coming up with advanced ways for its followers to enjoy the national and pastime of America.

After getting out of the painstaking lockdown, the wait is finally over as MLB is making a comeback for 2022.

When is the 2022 MLB Season Opening?

After a lockout that commenced on December 2, 2021, and had the entire league, the MLB 2022 season is finally ready to take place.

The opening day is, however, a week later than what was initially decided and is now scheduled for the 7th of April (8th April AEST).

The much-awaited season will kick off with the two famous rivals, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

How to Watch Major League Baseball 2022 in Australia?

When it’s time to watch the MLB while residing in Australia, the MLB fans have a very funneled array of options to choose from. America’s most favorite pastime gets only a few tiny droplets of love on free-to-air TV channels. But the games can still be broadcast live through Foxtel Now, Foxtel IQ, Kayo Sports, and the Major League’s channel MLB.TV.

Watch Major League Baseball with Kayo Sports in HD

Kayo Sports, offering both live and on-demand content, streams only some selected MLB games through ESPN. It offers two types of subscriptions, $25 a month for two simultaneous streams and $35 a month to watch on three screens at once.

Live Stream MLB on Foxtel IQ

Providing a limited selection of baseball games, Foxtel is available in the sport package at $25 a month, and you will also have to additionally subscribe to Foxtel Plus Package, priced at $49 a month. Paying a total of $74 every month is certainly more costly than Kayo Sports.

Watch MLB on Foxtel Now

To access ESPN via Foxtel Now, you will have to subscribe to a sports package that costs $29 a month. Since it’s going to be a premium package, you will have to get the Entry Pack priced at $25 a month, costing a total of $54 a month to watch the sport on Foxtel Now.

Stream Major League Baseball Games with MLB.TV

MLB.TV is a membership-based streaming platform covering each part of Major League Baseball. From the most recent news, scores, and insights to live streams of each World Series game, MLB.TV gives baseball fans all that they need to stay up to date with the latest season.

Since the free-to-air Australian channels don’t cover MLB games, supporters gain access to each game throughout the season, live and on-request.

There are, at present, two options for subscribing. You can get All Teams for $129.99 or $24.99 per month, or there is a Single Team bundle for $109.99. All choices accompany a 7-day free trial.

Try MLB.TV With a VPN

The most straightforward method for watching each MLB game is with an MLB.TV membership. MLB.TV is accessible around the world. And in case you don’t want to pay the hefty amount, a VPN works flawlessly with MLB.TV to guarantee that you can stream the game secretly and safely. By connecting with a VPN server, you can stay away from MLB power outages.

It’s as simple as a piece of cake. Just spoof your IP address, make a few clicks here and there, and BAMM! Let me tell you how to swing that wand.

  • Subscribe to VPN. It comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee which means that the first 31 days after your subscription will be completely free of charge.
  • Connect to the appropriate location after clicking the “current location” tab.
  • Click the POWER button to connect to the VPN server.
  • You have now built a secure connection with the best and fastest VPN.
  • Now go to the broadcaster’s live stream and have a fun evening!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my money back if I don’t like the VPN?

Yes, you can request a full refund. But it is highly unlikely that you would dislike the VPN.

Can anyone track my IP address if I’m using the VPN for Major League Baseball games?

No. Once you opt for a VPN, it will easily hide your identity, and you can surf the internet, stream the IPL live, or do anything you want without the fear of being traced. You can surf the internet without stressing over the authorities or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) snooping on your web activity.

Is the VPN helpline available all the time?

The VPN is available 24/7 to make the client’s browsing experience as smooth as silk.

Will VPN slow down my internet connection?

It is possible with any VPN but the difference is so minor that it is not even noticeable at times.

What type of services can I access with a VPN?

It helps access a wide range of services, including entertainment platforms, social media websites, and news providers. 

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