How to Watch Mitre 10 Cup Live Online from Anywhere?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2021, the prestigious Rugby league Mitre 10 Cup was a remarkable sporting occasion. After defeating Otago in the championship game, the Taranaki team took the trophy with pride.

For information on how to watch the 17th Mitre 10 Cup season outside of New Zealand in 2022, read this guide in detail.

Quick Steps to Watch Mitre 10 Cup

Follow the steps mentioned below to stream Mitre 10 Cup instantly without any hassle:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching Mitre 10 Cup online from anywhere using Sky Sports
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How to Watch the Mitre 10 Cup Outside New Zealand

Sky Sport’s live broadcasts outside of New Zealand must be unblocked for a monthly fee of NZ$10.81 (about US$6.67). This means that if you want to watch the Mitre 10 Cup broadcast from abroad, you will need to pay a nice sum of more than $60 every month.

Similarly, there is another way to view the well-known Kiwi Rugby league. You can watch the Mitre 10 Cup from another country if you subscribe to Sky Sport Now, a Sky Sport online streaming service.

  • Signup for a Premium VPN
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching Mitre 10 Cup online from anywhere using Sky Sports
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But once more, the cost element may significantly impact your spending plan. Unfortunately, using its yearly pass will cost you $299.99 every year. By doing this, you may see the entire Mitre 10 Cup live action on your screens.

In the same way, you can pay $49.99 every month to subscribe to its monthly pass. A VPN is still required to continue watching the Mitre 10 Cup games on Sky Sport Now.

How to Watch the Mitre 10 Cup from Anywhere?

Sky Sport is honored to serve as the Mitre 10 Cup’s official broadcaster in New Zealand. If you already have a Sky Starter plan, you can upgrade it by adding a Sky Sports subscription. However, if you want to watch the Mitre 10 Cup in New Zealand, you must spend $31.99 each month.

Due to geo-restriction concerns, residents of nations other than New Zealand, such as the UK, Canada, the US, and others, cannot see the Mitre 10 Cup live broadcast.

However, you can still stream the renowned Rugby championship using your Sky Sports membership. For this reason, you must use a VPN like ExpressVPN that provides a New Zealand IP address. This VPN is also useful for watching the top action movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do Mitre 10 cups work?

An algorithm using competition points was used to order the Mitre 10 Cup standings. The winning team received four points, a tie resulted in two points, while a defeat resulted in zero points. Additionally, unions might earn their team a respectable additional point.

Does TV broadcast the Mitre 10 Cup?

In 2019–20, live Mitre 10 Cup rugby matches will be broadcast on TV and streamed online. Exclusively on Sky Sports, the premier domestic rugby tournament in New Zealand, the Mitre 10 Cup on TV, is broadcast. The Mitre 10 Cup is played from August to December, and each weekend, up to four live games are broadcast on all four Sky Sports channels.

In Australia, how can I watch the Mitre 10 Cups?

Install the app on your device, then log in with your login information. Connect to a server on the list that is located in Australia. After signing into your account on the Sky Sports website, launch it and begin watching the Mitre 10 Cup.

Who won the Mitre 10 Cup 2021? 

Waikato defeated Wellington in the competition’s championship game, 37-31, in front of a capacity crowd of 25,000 spectators at Waikato Stadium. Richard Kahui, a rising star from Waikato, scored the most tries with eight, while Jimmy Gopperth, a Wellington player, scored the most points with 121.


We hope you may find our guide to watching the Mitre 10 Cup outside of New Zealand to be useful. In reality, it’s up to you whether you choose a pricier Sky Sport Now option or go with a different, more affordable option.

To continue watching your favorite 10 Mitre Cup game with your loved ones while traveling, you have a variety of possibilities.

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