How to Watch NBA on FuboTV

The NBA is a highly anticipated basketball league in the United States. But, it also has a large fan base throughout the world, and fans are eager to gain access to the NBA stream and watch the most exciting basketball league in the world.

fuboTV, on the other hand, is a widely used US-based streaming service that provides access to all major sporting events throughout the world. So, it is no surprise that it covers the NBA as well.

So, if you live in the United States, viewing NBA on fuboTV is relatively very convenient. But it does require some information before you can use fuboTV to watch NBA from outside the United States.

Now, keep reading to find out how to watch NBA on your fuboTV from anywhere around the globe.

How to Watch NBA on FuboTV from Anywhere

If you have a monthly subscription to the Pro plan, which costs $69.99 per month, you can watch NBA games on your fuboTV with ease.

However, if you are accessing the NBA feed from outside of the United States, you will face geo-restrictions, which will disable access to the NBA stream.

fuboTV imposes these restrictions in order to comply with its broadcasting agreements, which require it to broadcast its media within the geo-boundaries of the United States.

Although fuboTV recognizes you as a subscriber, if you are located outside of the United States, media access will be denied.

fuboTV abides by these guidelines by doing a check on its viewers who tune in to watch their chosen content. It identifies the location using the IP address and instantly limits the content if it is detected from a restricted location.

An efficient way to deal with this scenario is to use a VPN service. The one that gives you a US IP address, allowing you to watch fuboTV’s stream. 

Furthermore, the secured connection provided by a VPN offers you online anonymity and prevents others from tracking what you do online. 

As a consequence, you are able to watch NBA online on fuboTV even if your location is blocked.

Simply follow the instructions below to learn how to use a VPN in this case.

  • Sign up for a top-rated VPN service.
  • Launch the VPN app after downloading it on your device.
  • Connect the VPN to a server in the US.
  • Watch NBA games online on your fuboTV from anywhere in the world.
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How to Watch NBA on FuboTV on your Smart TV

FuboTV is only available in the United States due to broadcasting restrictions. Therefore, if you have a fuboTV app on your Smart TV and a valid subscription, you will be geo-blocked. This will happen if you are not in the United States.

However, a top VPN will assist in dodging the blocks by rerouting your internet traffic through the international servers in the United States. This will allow you to view all NBA games on your Smart TV without any more hassles.

Now, just follow these instructions to watch NBA games on fuboTV on your Smart TV using VPN.

  • Subscribe to a quality VPN.
  • Connect it to a US server.
  • Stream NBA on fuboTV via your Smart TV using a VPN.
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Since fuboTV has a range of sporting networks, you may watch all of the major sports leagues, including the NBA. However, there is a hindrance in the way while accessing fuboTV from outside the United States. This prevents you from watching the stream even if you have an active fuboTV subscription.

Adding a VPN helps you by granting a US IP by directing you from its US servers, which convinces FuboTV that you’re a US-based viewer. So, doing this guarantees that you can have access to the NBA broadcast on fuboTV from anywhere in the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view NBA on FuboTV for free?

You can receive free access to fubo by signing up for a 7-day free trial. This allows you to watch a whole 7 days’ worth of NBA content for free.

What are the devices that can be used to watch NBA on FuboTV?

NBA games can be conveniently streamed live via fubo on a variety of platforms, including any Android or iOS smartphone, as well as Smart TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, and many more.

Which channels are available to watch NBA games on FuboTV?

You can watch all NBA games live with fubo on numerous sports networks such as ABC, NBA TV, and ESPN, among others.

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