How To Watch NBA TV On Firestick

The National Basketball Association, popularly known as the NBA, is gaining worldwide recognition and has become one of the most enjoyed sports events today. It has got excited fans not just in the US or UK, but the fan’s coverage goes beyond the borders. Major NBA games are broadcast on TNT, ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, League Pass, as well as other affiliates. However, the most-watched platform is NBA TV on Firestick.

Watching live games from local cable providers using expensive cable packages was previously the only option for viewers. The market for NBA on Firestick today is crowded, but viewers can access NBA on Firestick through streaming apps, sports sites, cable providers, or live TV services.

In short, to watch NBA TV on Firestick, you need to have a favorable streaming service. A cord cutter’s favorite streaming device is the Amazon Firestick because of its low price and ability to jailbreak. If you’re wondering how to watch NBA TV on Firestick, you have come to the right place.

Let’s help you explore different solutions to watch NBA games on Amazon Firestick TV.

How To Watch NBA TV From Anywhere

NBA League Pass or NBA TV gives you a ticket to endless sports thrill where you can replay your favorite sports games and catch live action no matter where the game is played.

Watch every NBA game of the season with no blackouts thanks to the NBA International League Pass – however due to broadcasting rights, it is geo-restricted. It cannot be accessed from the US, North Korea, Cuba, and certain countries in Africa and the Middle East. There may even be a higher subscription fee depending on where you live if you live in a country with an NBA International League Pass.

There is a solution to each of these problems in a VPN. The NBA International League Pass website is accessible via a VPN app, which acts as an intermediary. It makes your virtual location appear as if you are actually accessing the site from inside a permitted country, so it grants you full access.

The NBA International League Pass can be unblocked using this method and you will receive a much cheaper subscription. Indian League Pass is 75% cheaper than the UK League Pass and there are no blackouts.

Later on, you can subscribe to any streaming service on your Firestick and start watching NBA games from anywhere.

Here is how you watch NBA TV on Firestick from anywhere.

  • Invest in a reputable VPN service.
  • Connect to any server based in India or UK for a cheap subscription and zero blackouts.
  • Open your desired streaming service on Firestick, and sign in using your credentials.
  •  Tune into the NBA TV.
  •  Start watching your favorite NBA game on Firestick from anywhere.
Watch NBA

How To Watch NBA On Firestick

Here are the best streaming providers to watch NBA games on Firestick or Fire TV. Have a look!


One of the popular and most-picked options to watch NBA sports on Firestick is the fuboTV. It offers a 7-Day Free Trial for new users that sets it apart from the rest of the streaming services. The trial period gives you a chance to try the service hassle-free. FuboTV comes with three different plans, and the most popular one costs $64.99 per month with 115 channels and a DVR.

NBA League Pass:

For sports fans looking to stream NBA games on Firestick and other devices, NBA League Pass is a popular option. You can receive coverage of all NBA games in HD quality with this premium NBA option for $49.99/season or $14.99/month. You can pair your NBA League Pass subscription with the NBA app available in popular app stores.

Sling TV:

Sling is another solid choice for NBA fans looking to steer clear of expensive cable packages. this TV streaming service is currently offering a Free Trial to its new users. It has two different plans called “Sling Orange” and “Sling Blue”. Both of them cost $35/month and come up with 30 channels and a limited DVR.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is NBA TV Subscription?

NBA League Pass has two main subscription tiers: NBA League Pass ($14.99 a month) and NBA League Pass Premium ($29.99 a month). On, you can also get NBA TV without extra charge when you buy either plan directly.

How Can I Watch NBA On Firestick?

You can watch NBA games on your Firestick TV using quality streaming providers like FuboTV, NBA League Pass, YouTube TV, and many more.

NBA Isn’t In My Region. Can I Still Watch It?

Yes, VPN prevents geo-restrictions and blackouts. Subscribe to a trusted and fast VPN service to watch your favorite NBA games online from anywhere. 

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