How to Watch NHL Games in the US

Are you a fan of ice hockey and looking for a way to watch your local team play in the NHL? If yes, then you have stumbled upon just the right article. This article will explore all the possible ways to watch NHL games from the U.S.

NHL or the National Hockey League is a Canadian-American professional ice hockey league that is among the world’s major premier leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and EPL. It was founded in Montreal in November 1917. The league comprises 25 American and 7 Canadian teams. The playoffs are set to commence on May 2, 2022. At the end of the season, the winning team takes the Stanley Cup home. 

With the break up of a 15-year broadcasting partnership with NBC, the NHL will be broadcasted on Disney and Turner Sports exclusively. There are 153 games in a regular season bringing the total number of games up to 1,312. Meaning you will need more than one channel to watch all the games on your television which include ABC, ESPN, ESPN+, and TNT. Read on to know the best streaming services available. 

How to Watch NHL Live?

There are several variables to consider when trying to stream NHL games live. Continue reading the article to explore. 


You can watch all NHL games unless it is not being already broadcasted on ESPN, TNT, or NHL Network and your local team is not playing. Out of the 82 games for each team, you will be able to watch 70 games. You can subscribe to ESPN+ for $69.99 only with the advantage of canceling anytime. This will let you watch 1000+ out-of-market NHL games including games available exclusively on ABC, Hulu, and ESPN.

To watch games that are not on ESPN+, you can bundle it with a streaming service that has all the broadcasting channels including ESPN, TNT, and NHL Network. Go through the options below to work out what is best for you. 


DIRECTV STREAM carries every US team’s RSN but the NBC Sports Philadelphia. The channels ABC, TNT, and ESPN are available in the ‘Choice’ plan for $89.99 per month. The ‘Ultimate’ plan for $104.99 per month also comes with NHL Network. The ‘Entertainment’ plan comes at a lower price of $69.99 but at a disadvantage of missing out on regional network games. Unless you live in the Flyers Market, you can watch every game if you simply combine it with ESPN+ for $69.99 per month.

Hulu Live TV and ESPN+

If you are only interested in watching the games of the Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers, San Jose Sharks, and Washington Capitals then a Hulu TV subscription is available at cheaper rates for $69.99 per month and a 7-day free trial period. It includes TNT, ABC, and ESPN. You can combine it with ESPN+ for $69.99 per month and get to stream all games except those being broadcasted on the NHL Network. 

YouTube TV and ESPN+

YouTube TV subscription comes for $64.99 and  7-day free trial with ABC, TNT, and ESPN. However, it only broadcasts the games of the Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers, San Jose Sharks, and Washington Capitals. Pairing it with ESPN+ will let you stream every game except those airing on NHL Network. 

fuboTV and ESPN+

You can get ESPN with a fuboTV subscription at $69.99 and a 7-day free trial. You can also get NHL Network through an add-on. It also provides RSN for 12 NHL teams. The only disadvantage is that fuboTV does not have TNT. 

How to Stream NHL Games Using a VPN

Depending on your location you might face geo-restrictions and to override these you will need a VPN. A VPN will mask your IP address on the internet so you appear to be accessing content from the IP address of the location you have selected. Here is how you will use a VPN. 

  • Download or install a trusted VPN from the PlayStore or the App Store. 
  • Buy a VPN subscription. 
  • Opt for an American or Canadian location where the NHL games are available. 
  •  Launch your streaming service and continue streaming like you normally would. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through the FAQs below to get answers to any questions that you may have. 

Which hockey team was the best in 2021?

Florida Panthers are number 1 according to the 2021 season.

What team is currently on top?

Dallas Stars have won six games in a row since November defeating opponents by 18-6.

Who is the best hockey player in the world?

Connor McDavid has bagged this title after being voted the best NHL player.

Are VPNs safe to use?

You can rest assured as paid VPNs do not sell your information to a third party.

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