How to Watch NHL in Japan

The National Hockey League is one of the world’s most anticipated hockey leagues that takes place in North America. It comprises 32 teams, 25 from the United States and 7 from Canada. However, its fan base is not limited to Canada and the United States, but also includes supporters from all over the world, specifically Japan. 

The NHL app lets you subscribe to NHL TV, which features an Early Bird Pass for $179.99 and a Regular Full Season Pass for $199.99. Both of these plans are applicable for the whole season, although an Early Bird Pass can only be subscribed during the league’s initial period, which is September through October. Additionally, you can pay on a monthly basis by paying $29.99/month, or you can subscribe solely to the Stanley Cup Pass for $74.99.

In this article, we will tell you how to easily stream NHL from Japan, so keep reading.

How to Watch NHL Online in Japan

You can view NHL media if you have a valid NHL TV subscription, however, these streaming platforms only make their media available to users in particular regions, and NHL TV is no exception.

The major difficulty in streaming the NHL from Japan is the regional or local blackouts imposed by the NHL in order to protect international spectators.

In addition, if there is a hockey game involving two regional teams, you will be unable to view the game if you are not located in these regions. The game will only be shown to viewers in that region.

Nonetheless, an efficient solution to this issue is to install a VPN to enable you to watch NHL games from Japan.

A VPN will make you appear to be in the authorized area, allowing you to avoid these limitations.

Simply follow these steps to use a VPN to view the NHL stream from Japan.

  • Subscribe yourself to a quality VPN.
  • Download and launch the VPN application.
  • Watch your favorite NHL games in Japan with ease.
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How to Watch NHL Live from Anywhere

It may be inconvenient to travel internationally or even inside the United States only to discover that NHL TV programming is banned in your location.

So, as an NHL TV viewer, you will encounter geo-restrictions that will prevent you from viewing the finest hockey league in the world if you are in a geo-restricted location. 

Therefore, you must overcome these geographical barriers in order to bypass the broadcaster’s limitations and make the NHL stream available from an unapproved location.

Nonetheless, with a good VPN, you may appear to be viewing NHL material from a permitted location. It will do this by routing your internet traffic through one of its servers in the United States or Canada.

So, take these steps to utilize a VPN and watch the NHL stream available from anywhere around the globe.

  • Register for a VPN service.
  • Launch the VPN app after installing it on the device.
  • Begin watching NHL online from anywhere in the world.
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The National Hockey League is popular among people all throughout the world, but the games are not available everywhere.

Additionally, we must note that sports streaming services such as NHL TV need to comply with broadcasting regulations. So, even if you are subscribed, you will be unable to see their content outside of the US and Canada. Fortunately, the only way out is to sign up for a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network will encrypt your IP address, making you appear to be located in the United States. So, by using a top VPN, you can watch NHL games live in Japan or elsewhere in the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NHL schedule for the current season (2021-2022)?

The NHL season, which started in October 2021, will continue until June 20, 2022. A large competition lasts pretty much the entire year. The schedule can be found by visiting the NHL website’s schedule page here (

How to watch NHL games without a cable TV subscription?

You can watch NHL games live on various streaming services such as Sling TV, YouTube TV, and fuboTV, among others.

What are the local game blackouts in the NHL?

Due to the RSN, local blackouts occur when national broadcasters can’t broadcast a game being played in a specific region. It is because of these restrictions that the major streaming channels are unable to compete with local broadcasters and RSNs.

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