How to Watch Now TV in Spain

Thinking about some time outside the UK? Traveling to a tad, yet need to take your Now TV pass with you? With the UK out of the EU, your Now TV is as of now not legitimate to meander permit. On the off chance that you’re not in the UK, all you’ll get is a message saying you can never again get help. Yet, don’t surrender, we’ve got you covered.

NOW TV is one of the greatest web-based live and on-request TV channels in the UK. The best answer for string cutters would rather not be limited by a drawn-out Sky membership. Whether it’s games or a TV show, you get to see content like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Atlanta, Big Little Lies, La Liga, and so more. Notwithstanding, even with a substantial membership, the web-based feature will impede your entrance when you stage one foot outside the UK. To evade this geo-area issue, you should utilize VPN.

How to Watch Now TV in Spain Using a VPN

VPN administrations give programming you can introduce that permits you to change your web area. Utilizing their application, you can change your web address to any country where they have a server in. Along these lines, assuming you wish to observe Now TV, you utilize your VPN application to choose a server in the UK. With the VPN utilizing a UK server it focuses on Now TV like you’re at home. When as a matter of fact, you could be anyplace. NOW TV isn’t geo-impeded and you can watch Sky Atlantic or the furthest down-the-line blockbuster however much you might want.

Without a VPN, your PC or versatile transmits its area to the sites and administrations you use. This implies that they generally know where you are and can obstruct you assuming you’re in some unacceptable area. A VPN goes about as an outsider among you and, for this situation, Now TV. Presently TV takes a gander at the VPN and sees it’s in the UK and in this way thinks you are as well.

Step-by-Step: How to Watch Now TV if You’re Abroad

Get Now TV for Now TV in Spain

Simple! Go to the Now TV website or download the application in the Apple or Google Play stores. You want to buy in by first picking the pass that fits you (beginning at £3.99 for the “Children Pass” and then making a record. Recollect that you’ll require a substantial UK address.

Sign up for a VPN subscription

With a scope of VPN suppliers out there we realize it tends to be difficult to pick, so we have tried them for you. We’ve picked just the ones we know are quality suppliers that work with UK telecasters (not every one of them does).

Every one of our top picks gives different membership lengths so you can pick what you really want. Do you need a VPN just while you’re abroad or could you need to keep it to get to the world’s TV while you’re at home?

A VPN isn’t only incredible for observing Now TV while you’re on vacation. You can utilize it to get to TV channels from across the world from the solace of your own home.

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Set up the VPN

When you’ve pursued a VPN for Now TV in Spain, you simply need their product on your gadgets (they all have applications for PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android).

All the applications for these VPNs are not difficult to introduce and utilize:

  • Get the application from the pertinent application store or go to their site.
  • Sign in with a similar email and secret phrase you used to join.
  • Once in the application, you will observe a drop-down rundown or guide showing the servers accessible. Pick one in the UK.
  • The Internet currently believes you’re in the UK, regardless of where you are.
  • Wrapped up! Presently TV is available to utilize.
  • Return to Now TV and choose what to stream first.
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(Furthermore, when you’re finished with Now TV, you can track down a wide range of different channels to watch on account of your new VPN)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use Now TV stick in Spain?

You will not have the option to stream NOW in non-EU nations inside Europe, or in some other nations outside Europe. European nations and regions where wandering isn’t accessible include Iceland.

Can I Stream Now TV abroad?

Sadly, Now is just accessible in the UK and, would it be a good idea for you to travel abroad, you’ll view content as area locked and inaccessible to stream thus. Fortunately, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you unblock Now and watch it from abroad.

How do I get NOW TV on my Samsung Smart TV?

Go to the application store on your Samsung TV. Look for the present, download the NOW application. In conclusion, sign in to the NOW application with your username and secret word and observe a film, TV show or game to appreciate.

Is NOW TV free for 7 days?

Now TV is free for a 7-day trial after which the subscription starts.

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