How To Watch Now TV On Firestick

Streaming addicts are always up to find an ideal platform that serves them with high-quality and rich-quantity content on the go. One such remarkable platform is Sky’s NOW TV. You can enjoy outstanding entertainment with NOW TV On Firestick- one of the best streaming services. 

A contract-free subscription allows you to watch your favorite sporting events online through a Firestick device. If you wish to cancel the subscription at some point, you can do so with no questions asked. 

Additionally, you can watch all your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports with the NOW app on Firestick, which is one of the best Firestick apps. 

Are you ready to explore NOW TV and are unsure how to watch NOW TV on Firestick? Well, this article is here to guide you!

Without further ado, let’s get straight to how to watch NOW TV from anywhere.

How To Watch Now TV On Firestick From Anywhere

Owned by the British TV provider Sky, NOW TV launched its streaming service in the UK back in 2012. This streaming hub is easy enough to be streamed on any device, thanks to its versatility.

With NOW TV on the Firestick, you can watch Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and many more Sky Networks. So, you only need to get a subscription to get the services of NOW TV. The streaming services of NOW TV are available on Amazon Firestick for only four countries; the UK, Germany, Ireland, and Italy. If you want to access their services outside of these supported countries, you will need to connect to a VPN on Firestick.

Since NOW TV is a geo-restricted service and is only available for the UK, Ireland, Italy, and Germany viewers, you will need a compatible VPN provider to access exclusive NOW TV content outside these countries.

With VPN, your local IP address is switched with a UK server, and boom, the NOW TV streaming services become accessible to you!

Here are the basic instructions to watch NOW TV.

  •  Invest in a reputable VPN.
  • Connect your VPN to a UK server.
  •  Open NOW TV on your Amazon Firestick TV.
  •  Log in with your respective credentials.
  • Stream your favorite NOW TV’s sporting and entertainment content on Firestick from anywhere.
Watch NOW TV on Firestick

How To Watch Now TV Outside The UK

NOW TV is only available for the UK, Ireland, Italy, and Germany streamers. Don’t worry if you’re visiting any other country or simply live outside of these countries.

The geo-blockades brought by NOW TV can easily be dodged with a strong and reliable VPN.

Here’s how you watch NOW TV outside the UK

  •  Get a reliable VPN subscription.
  •  Connect your VPN to a UK-based server.
  •  Open NOW TV on your streaming device.
  •  Have fun watching NOW TV outside the UK.
Watch NOW TV on Firestick

How To Watch Now TV On Firestick

NOW TV comes with four different Memberships that range from Entertainment, Cinema, and Sports to Hayu. You need to purchase any of these membership subscriptions to stream the corresponding content. Plus, all these memberships are available on a rolling monthly contract which you can cancel at any point. 

However, the membership subscriptions can’t be purchased with the NOW TV App. To do so, you will have to navigate to the NOW TV website in another web browser.

Upon choosing a subscription plan that’s tailored right according to your needs, you’ll be prompted to sign up for the NOW TV services. Your selected membership will allow you the content you can stream.

Let’s enlighten you that NOW TV is accessible on almost all the major streaming devices including Amazon Fire devices like Firestick. Read on to know how you can watch.

To Download Now TV On Firestick

  •   Switch on your Firestick device.
  •   Go to the home screen.
  •   Select the Find tab there.
  •   Choose the Search icon.
  •   Search for the NOW TV in the Search bar.
  •  Tap on the Get or Download button to start downloading the NOW TV app on Firestick

That’s it! NOW TV app is installed. Now, let’s guide you on how you can begin streaming NOW TV on your Amazon Firestick.

To Stream Now TV On Firestick

  • Launch the NOW TV app.
  • Sign in using your NOW TV credentials sent via NOW.
  • Select your desirable streaming content.  
  • Stream NOW TV on your Firestick.

How Much Is Now TV

NOW Entertainment Membership£9.99 per month
NOW Sky Sports Month Membership£33.99 per month
NOW Sky Sports Day Membership£9.99 for 24 hours
NOW Sky Cinema Membership£9.99 per month
Hayu Membership£4.99 per month
NOW Boost£5.00 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Stream Now TV On My Firestick?

Yes, you can! Following simple downloading steps will let you watch NOW TV on your Firestick.

Is Now TV App Free To Install On Firestick?

Yes, NOW TV is free to install on Firestick.

Can I Watch Live Sporting Events On Now TV?

Yes, you can! With NOW Sky Sports Month Membership at the cost of £33.99 per month, you can watch live sports on NOW TV.

I Can’t Watch Now TV Outside The UK. What To Do?

Simply invest in a worthy VPN service to watch NOW TV on any streaming device. 

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