How To Watch Now TV on Laptop

Now TV is an over the top subscription service based out of the United Kingdom. The OTT television streaming service provides top quality on-demand TV shows and movies on the internet. Further, you can also stream live sports. This gives Now TV an edge over other over the top streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

However, Now TV proves to be a disadvantage for those who prefer watching their shows and movies on a browser or laptop. Users need to download an additional app specifically for streaming on their laptops. This process can be quite tricky and this article aims to smoothen the task for you so that you may continue streaming without any trouble. 

Now TV on Laptop Subscription Plans

Before you start streaming on windows you will need to subscribe to one of Now TV’s subscription plans. The OTT streaming service offers four plans for you to choose from according to your budget and the content available. All plans give the advantage of cancelling subscriptions anytime and a 7-day trial. 

The plans are: 

  • Entertainment, this plan comes for only £9.99 a month. You also get to watch all content ad-free in HD on over 60 devices. You can also pair it with Boost for an additional £5 a month to stream on up to 3 devices at once without any disruptions.
  • Cinema, the plan is for £9.99 a month only and for Boost £5 a month you get to watch more than 1000 on-demand movies including Sky Originals.
  • Sky Sport, the day plan grants you 24-hour access to all Sky Sports channels for £11.98 or for a monthly membership you can pay £5 a month. 
  • Hayu, this reality TV subscription costs £4.99 a month for you to watch over 8000 episodes of US reality TV. 

How to Install the Now TV on Laptop

When you first try to stream Now on your windows laptop you will see the message ‘Download the Now TV Player’ on your screen. Here is how you will do this. Follow the step by step guide below.

  • At the bottom of the message on your screen, you will see the button ‘Download’, click on it for your download process to begin. You can also, alternatively, download it from the Windows Store. 
  • You will then be redirected to download the Now Player.
  • Click on the Player extension at the bottom of your browser once downloaded. 
  • The downloaded Player file will be stored in your device’s download location. This will be your Download folder if set to default. 
  • Select Install to continue. 
  • Wait for a few moments. Once the installation is complete click on Finish. 
  • Go to your desktop. You will find that a Now Player shortcut has been created. 

You can now continue streaming on your laptop painlessly. 

How to Stream Now TV on Laptop Using a VPN

Now Tv is available to stream in only a select few countries. These include its base country, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Italy and Germany. In any other country, the streaming service is blocked. Find yourself outside of these regions? Well, then we have a solution for you. You can continue streaming all your favourite shows, movies and sports by using a VPN. 

A VPN works by hiding your true IP address on the Web and grants you access via a different IP address. To put it simply it changes your access location on the internet so that you do not face geo-restrictions and can stream Now TV content. Follow the guide below to set up a VPN connection. 

  • Download and install a VPN of your choice from the Windows Store.
  • Buy a VPN subscription that best suits you.
  • Connect to the U.K. or any of the other countries where Now TV is available from the list.
  • Open Now Player on your laptop to watch your favourite content.
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Make sure you have cleared your browser history and cache for a smooth connection.  

Frequently Asked Questions

To answer any more of your questions, here are a few FAQs.

Where is Now TV available?

Now TV is available to stream in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Italy and Germany.

On how many devices can I watch at the same time?

You can watch on up to 3 devices at once when you get a Boost.

How much does Boost cost?

Boost can be combined with any of your plans for £5 a month.

Are VPNs secure?

Yes, VPNs are safe and secure. They do not sell your personal data to third parties. 

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