How To Watch Now TV In Portugal

NOW TV is a Sky-owned streaming network that offers a variety of live and on-demand sports programming. It also includes all Sky material, which is especially essential in NOW TV Portugal because Sky Sports is widely viewed worldwide. Therefore, it is certain that it is a benefit that citizens of Portugal desire.

But, why wouldn’t they? Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Formula 1, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Racing, Sky Sports Mix, and Sky Sports Arena are all available on NOW TV.

So stick with us because we’ll show you how to watch NOW TV from anywhere in the world in this article.

How To Watch Now TV Live In Portugal

A monthly subscription to NOW TV costs £39.99, and a one-day pass costs £9.98. It offers all of the high-quality sports content available on Sky Sports 11 channels.

Therefore, once you have availed of the subscription, it is certain that you can watch the NOW TV stream in the UK. 

But, would you be able to watch the stream the same way in Portugal? The answer is no. 

We’d also want to point out that NOW TV is geo-blocked in Portugal because it’s only available in the UK.

As a result, using a VPN would be extremely beneficial because your web traffic would be routed through a VPN server in the United Kingdom, masking your true IP address and hence your true location (i.e. Portugal.

So, after connecting to a UK server, NOW TV will assume you are accessing the media from the United Kingdom.

As a result, you may watch NOW TV in Portugal while masking your true location and substituting it with one in the United Kingdom and safeguarding your online activities while connected to the VPN.

So, following the below steps to use a VPN, you will be able to watch all the major sports competitions on NOW TV in Portugal.

  • Register for a VPN service provider.
  • Connect it to a server present in the UK.
  • Start streaming NOW TV seamlessly in Portugal via VPN.
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How To Watch Now TV From Anywhere

Because of streaming rights and copyright issues, NOW TV is only available in the UK.
As a result, merely using your NOW TV app and watching your favorite sports from outside the UK will not be enough because you will be unable to see the media.
All you have to do now is set up a strong VPN with a lot of UK servers and watch all of the games live on NOW TV.
While connecting to the VPN and watching the NOW TV stream will also give you protection and security.
To set up a VPN in this browser, follow these simple instructions.

  • Register for a top VPN service.
  • Connect the VPN to one of its servers in the UK.
  • Watch all the sports action featured on NOW TV from anywhere using a VPN.
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To sum up, we recognize that NOW TV is significant in that it offers users access to all Sky content. However, the service is currently only available to viewers in the United Kingdom.
The simplest method of unblocking the NOW TV stream is to use a VPN, which connects you to a UK server, changes your IP address, and therefore spoofs your location.
By doing so, NOW TV recognizes that you’re in the UK and unblocks the stream right away.
Not only that, but while connected to the VPN, it also provides encrypted connectivity, allowing you to safely watch all of the thrilling sports matches on NOW TV from wherever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Now TV Televised In Portugal?

No, because NOW TV is geo-blocked due to broadcasting concerns, you’ll gain access by employing a VPN.

What Sports Can I Watch On Now TV?

NOW TV provides you with a diverse range of all sports happening around the world like Football, Basketball, Racing, Golf, Cricket, and others.

How Many Devices Can I Use To Watch Now TV At The Same Time?

You may watch live sports on NOW TV on up to three devices if you have a NOW Boost membership.

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