How To Watch Paramount Plus In Australia

Are you a sports fanatic, great you have come to an ideal place! The newest player, Paramount Plus in an increasingly crowded streaming landscape. This year Viacom CBS also replaced the existing 10 All Access streaming services in Australia with Paramount Plus to coincide with the platform internationally. However, the content archive and library remain mostly the same, with few new additions and Paramount Plus originals. It has also become the home of Australian football, with the A-League and W-League, on top of select Socceroo’s and Mathilda’s matches, secured before the FA Cup was added in October 2021.

Paramount Plus recently came with a clap with a bag full of treats and sweets for your daily adrenaline rush- all thanks to the ViaComCBS family. However, the only grievance is that its catalogue is only limited to US Citizens due to geo-blocks and copy-rights licensing.

But why feel left out when we have a solution for you to stream US Paramount Plus while living in Australia? Are you interested in cracking it? So Let’s dig into the guide on how you can watch Paramount Plus in Australia without any further delay!

How To Watch US Paramount Plus In Australia

You can unblock US Paramount Plus to watch it in Australia by two means;

  •   Using a trusted VPN
  •   Using A US Paramount Plus subscription
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Watch Paramount Plus Using A VPN

VPN, a Virtual Private Network, is your solution to getting the world’s content library on your device with just one click. Isn’t it Astonishing? It is a vital security tool that is multi-purpose as well, which means that it ensures entertainment and security both.

 A VPN masks your Australian IP address through another US IP address so you will be able to surf the web from anywhere without uncovering your actual whereabouts and watch multiple media streaming services. But it doesn’t end here, A VPN keeps you secure from online hacking and fooling by encrypting your internet history. Follow these simple steps to connect to a VPN;

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN
  • Download and install the VPN app on your device
  • Log in with your credentials to the app and connect to the US server
  • Log into Paramount Plus with your credentials
  • You can now enjoy watching free streaming, originals, and movies!
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Steps To Sign Up For US Paramount Plus In Australia

There are two methods by which you can access US Paramount Plus in Australia:

  • Use American Credit Card
  • Use Digital Paramount Plus Gift Card

Method 1:

  • Connect to the American server using a VPN
  • Make sure your location is turned off and visit Paramount Plus and click on “Try It Free“. Based on your American IP address, it will automatically redirect you to the US Paramount Plus website.
  • Select the plan and confirm it by clicking on “Select Plan.”
  • Enter your credentials
  • Now enter your American credit card details and complete the process. For the USA addresses, you can easily find them on Google. The amount will subtract after the 7-day trial ends. 
  • Congratulations, you just logged into US Paramount Plus in Australia.

Method 2:

If you don’t have an American credit card, you can use the following technique to sign up for American Paramount Plus in Australia:

  • First of all, buy a digital Paramount Plus gift card from a US online store.
  • After the procurement is complete, you will be given a code in the email.
  • Now connect to the American server using a VPN.
  •  Visit the Paramount Plus website and use the gift card to sign up.
  • Congratulations, you just signed up for US Paramount Plus in Australia using a digital gift card.

Paramount Plus Compatible Platforms And Devices

You can stream US Paramount Plus on the following devices:

  •   Windows
  •    Mac
  •    Android
  •    iOS
  •    Apple TV and Chromecast
  •    Amazon Firestick and Fire TV
  •    Roku
  •    Gaming consoles

Another noticeable thing about US Paramount Plus is that it enables up to three device connections at once, and they can make around six profiles for family and friends. Additionally, premium plan holders can now download around 25 TV live shows and movies to watch offline in 4K on smartphones.

Frequently Asked Question

How Can I Stream Paramount Plus In Australia?

If you want to watch Paramount Plus within Australian borders, you will have to download VPN services to unblock geo-restrictions.

What Is The Cost Of Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus Australia has a price of AUD 8.99/PER MONTH.

Where Is Paramount Plus Available Outside US Territory?

Paramount Plus’s services work in the US, Canada, and Latin America. For other regions, you may require good-quality VPNs.

Is There A Paramount Plus Free Trial?

Yes, surely there is a paramount plus 7-day free trial. You can acknowledge the Paramount Plus free trial in Australia by visiting the official website of Paramount Plus.

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