How to Watch Rhythmic Gymnastics Live Online in the U.S

Rhythmic Gymnastics formally became a part of the Olympics during the 1984 Los Angeles games. The sport is a demonstration of art and skills mastered by the gymnast and judged upon the basis of their fine abilities showcased on the ice. Gymnasts perform acrobats in several formats which include a hoop, a ribbon, a set of clubs and a ball. The championship is a treat for the eyes, with gymnasts adorning bright colorful outfits and performing every move with great finesse. 

Are you a fan of rhythmic gymnastics residing in the U.S. but have no idea where you can watch online? Then, this article will provide you with a solution. Read on to know what streaming service options are available to you as a U.S. citizen. 

How To Watch Rhythmic Gymnastics 2022 In The U.S. 

NBC is the main live broadcaster of the Rhythmic Gymnastics 2022 in the U.S. which can be accessed through many streaming platforms available to fans in the U.S. for them to keep up to speed with the 2022 Rhythmic Gymnastics season. We have listed below the best services available for you to choose from.


Live TV Only plan will cost you $68.99 every month if you select the Disney Bundle which provides you with Hulu on-demand, Hulu Live, NBCSN, and Disney+. You could also subscribe to $75.99 a month for an ad-free package. 

YouTube TV

This costs $64.99 a month with a 7-day free trial so you can stream the matches. You can watch it on Android TV, Google TV, on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. 

Sling TV 

The Orange Plan costs $35 every month and gets you the benefit of a 3-day free trial. To access NBCSN channel, you can combine with Sling Blue Plan for $50 a month. For further $11 you can access all Olympic channels. Sling TV provides you the advantage of canceling your subscription any time.


$64.99 every month after a 7-day free trial along with the benefit of canceling any time. Fubo TV provides NBC, USA, NBCSN and the Olympic Channel all its base package and supports iOS/Android devices and Roku, Fire TV.

How To Watch Rhythmic Gymnastics Online Via VPN Service

If you happen to be out of the States and do not want to go through FOMO and avoid messages such as Content Unavailable or Content Blocked from popping up on your screen due to geo-restrictions then you will have to connect to a Virtual Private Network, or simply – a VPN.

VPN hides your true location or IP address and re-routes your device’s connection through a different country. Your device will  then appear to be accessing the streaming service from within the U.S.

How do you go about that? Simply follow the instructions below step by step to set up a false connection.

  • Launch the Google Playstore or App Store on your device.
  • Install a trusted VPN service on your device.
  • Get a subscription.
  • Select your location as U.S. 
  • Log on to your preferred streaming service.

Now, get your snacks, sit back and be sure to have a thrilling experience watching gymnasts put on an art show on the ice rink.

Be sure to clear your browser history and cache for a better connection.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Still have your doubts? Here’s an answer to all of them. 

Who dominated 2021 Rhythmic Gymnastics?

In Kitakyushu, Dina Averina of Russian Gymnast Federation (RGF) was claimed the leading gymnast.

How to watch Rhythmic Gymnastics live on cable?

NBC is offering cable coverage for the entire championship to U.S. citizens.

Which country has won the most Rhythmic Gymnastics medals?

Russia leads every other country with a total of 16 medals of which 10 medals are gold.

Who is the most successful gymnast?

Evgeniya Kanaeva a Russian gymnast has won two Olympic all round medals and is considered to be the most skilled in the sport. 

Is a VPN service legal?

You need not worry about your privacy because VPNs are a completely legal and secure way of changing your IP address.

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