How to Watch Sky Sports Live on Phone

Being able to watch Sky Sports on your smartphone appears to be an excellent option, particularly if you need immediate access to the broadcast when you are away from home. 

Sky Go is Sky TV’s media-streaming platform that serves you with live and on-demand content. The residents in the UK can watch Sky Go free on their smartphones if they are Sky TV subscribers. However, you must upgrade it to Sky Go Extra if you want to stream Sky Sports on multiple devices. 

NOW TV, on the other hand, is another option that offers coverage of 11 Sky Sports channels in the United Kingdom. 

So, in this article, we will show you how to use your phone to remain up to date on all of the live sports that are happening around the world on Sky Sports.

Watch Sky Sports Live on Smartphone from Anywhere

If you access Sky Sports from outside the UK, you should be aware that your access would be restricted and you will be unable to watch sports online on your smartphone. 

This is due to your IP address, that depicts your digital presence and your location will be identified. So, you will geo-blocked right away.

To avoid this barrier, you can get yourself registered to a reliable VPN service provider that will not only help you watch the live stream available on Sky Sports, but it will also encrypt your activity while being connected to the VPN. 

Therefore, you must follow the steps listed below:

  • Sign Up for a VPN.
  • Download VPN on your smartphone.
  • Launch the VPN application.
  • Select a server in the UK.
  • Watch Sky Sports live stream online on your smartphone.

How to Watch Sky Sports Live on Android Phone

All of the games that are covered by Sky Sports will be watched on your Android phone if you have an active NOW TV subscription (£39.99 per month or £9.98 per day) or if you have a Sky Go App.

But, if you are watching the media from another location outside the UK, this will not be enough. 

Therefore, whether you are traveling or on vacation, you must keep a VPN on your smartphone in order to watch Sky Sports live.

Take the following steps to get started:

  • Register for a VPN service provider.
  • Install the VPN from your Google Play App Store.
  • Open the VPN application.
  • Connect it to a server in the UK.
  • Begin watching your most preferred games online on your Android Phones from anywhere in the world.
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How to Watch Sky Sports Online on iPhone

Both Sky Go App and NOW TV are easily available to download from the App Store on an iPhone to watch Sky Sports live.

However, if you travel or live outside of the UK, simply subscribing or having the app on your iPhone will not suffice.

Here, geo-restrictions apply which can be bypassed only by signing up for a VPN service that will allow you to bypass these barriers.

Here are some few steps below to watch Sky Sports live on iPhone through a VPN.

  • Subscribe to a top VPN.
  • Download the VPN app from your App Store.
  • Launch the VPN.
  • Select a UK server.
  • Catch all the action live on Sky Sports from your iPhone from anywhere.
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Like everyone else, you would like to watch your favorite sports live online on Sky Sports. However, the main concern is that Sky Sports does not give its services if you are outside of the UK. So, even if you are traveling, you will be unable to view the live stream.

Nonetheless, a VPN enables the access, by connecting to a VPN, you will be able to view the content. A quality VPN is available all over the world, allowing you to connect to any location of your choice. This is where it assigns you an IP address from the country where the live stream is broadcast.

As a result, you can have the instant access to watch Sky Sports live from anywhere on your smartphone if you choose a VPN server located in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of devices can I use to watch Sky or NOW App?

Sky Sports can be viewed on PlayStation, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, and Roku, as well as operating systems like iOS and Android.

What is the maximum number of users who can simultaneously watch Sky Go?

Sky Go viewers can watch the stream on two devices at the same time. However, Sky Go Extra can be streamed on up to four devices.

Is it possible to watch Sky Sports from your phone to your TV?

Yes, you can watch Sky Sports on your TV through a screen mirroring the broadcast from your phone.

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