How to Watch the World Men’s Curling Championship Live Online?


Are you waiting to Watch World Men’s Curling Championship Live? Here we go. Sweden will face Great Britain for gold in the men’s curling championship on Saturday. At the first-ever Olympic Winter Games in 1924, these teams won gold and silver in men’s curling (GBR won gold, SWE won silver).

 With the World Men’s Curling Championship 2022, international men’s curling will return to Las Vegas, Nevada.

From April 2 to 10, 2022, 13 best teams will battle for the global championship in the Orleans Arena.

By reaching the Men’s Curling Final, the Scottish quartet of Bruce Mouat, Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie, and Hammy McMillan has assured Team GB will not leave Beijing empty-handed – but can they beat Sweden and bring home the gold?

Read on to learn how to watch the Men’s Curling Final online and catch a live stream of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics this weekend from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch World Men’s Curling Championship Live in the United States.

On Peacock TV, you can watch the whole 2022 Winter Olympics, including the Men’s Curling Final, which begins at 1.50 am. ET / 10.50 p.m. PT on Friday night / Saturday morning.

That includes all sporting events, as well as the opening and closing celebrations.

Peacock costs $4.99 per month for an ad-supported variant of the service that includes coverage of not just Beijing 2022 but also a slew of EPL soccer matches, the Super Bowl, every major WWE event, and a slew of other live events.

If you have cable, you can watch some curling championship coverage on NBC, which you can live stream straight on the NBC website. Sling and FuboTV are options for cord-cutters, but Peacock is the major focus for all things Beijing 2022.

With the help of a decent VPN, you can tune in just like you would at home if you’re now abroad. For additional information, look into the top Peacock VPN choices. The steps required to download  a VPN are: 

  • Sign up for a VPN service.
  • Choose a server for your location.
  • Experience the men curling championship live
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How to Watch World Men’s Curling 2022 Championship Live in Australia?

 Thanks to Channel 7, Australian sports fans can watch the curling championship for free in Australia, with the Men’s Curling final due to begin at 5.50 pm AEDT on Saturday afternoon.

 If you’d rather follow the action from Beijing live online, Channel 7’s broadcast is also accessible through the network’s 7 Plus Streaming service.

 On-demand access on 7Plus provides Australians with a wide range of live events, which will almost certainly feature curling. For Australian viewers, it’s a huge triumph!

 If you are outside Australia for some reason and you want to watch a men’s curling tournament, you need to download a VPN.

The steps required to download  a VPN are:

  • Sign up for a virtual private network (VPN).
  • Select a server that is appropriate for your area.
  • Witness the men’s curling tournament game this weekend.
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How to Use a VPN to Watch Men’s Curling Live Online in Canada?

The Men’s Curling Final begins at 1.50 am. ET / 10.50 pm PT on Friday night / Saturday morning, is part of CBC’s comprehensive coverage of the curling championship in Canada.

The good news is that CBC’s coverage is available for free on their website and apps.

The channel’s standalone streaming service, CBC Gem, also has a premium (ad-free) membership option. A one-month free trial is now available. A monthly subscription costs CA$4.99 after that.

How to Watch World Men’s Curling Championship Live in New Zealand?

Sky Sport, which is accessible in the form of a variety of pay-TV packages, broadcasts the curling championship in New Zealand.

Subscribers can watch on the country’s Sky Go service, while cord-cutters and others can check the Sky Sport Now streaming-only platform, which costs $19.99 for a weekly subscription and $39.99 for a monthly ticket after a 7-day free trial.

At 7.50 am NZDT, the Men’s Curling final will begin. Anyone visiting New Zealand from another country, or vice versa, can utilize the VPN technique indicated above to obtain their favorite coverage just while they might be at home.

How to Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Using a VPN is as easy as one-two-three.

  • Please download a VPN.
  • Open the VPN app and select the relevant server region, for example, ‘US’ for Peacock, ‘UK’ for BBC, ‘Australia’ for 7Plus, or ‘Canada’ for CBC.
  • Go to the broadcaster’s live stream, which could be 7Plus, CBC, BBC iPlayer, or Peacock TV.
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How to Live Stream Curling Tournament Using a VPN

Because there are so many events taking place, not every country’s TV and streaming broadcast covers all of them. If you can’t get the curling where you are, you may use a VPN to connect to a live stream from another country, which you may need to do if you’re traveling abroad.

You may effectively fool your computer into believing it’s back at home in the same country as the streaming platform you’re attempting to access by downloading and installing a VPN. That way, you can watch your favorite shows at home without having to look for an illegal stream – as long as you follow the broadcaster’s rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the curling championship start date?

The 2022 event will take place from February 9 to February 13 this year. 

Who is going to play?

Late in the fall, the teams begin playing in various parts of the province. In January, the teams that will make the final cut are determined.

Is it Legal to Use a VPN?

Yes, in most Western countries. No, not in countries ruled by authoritarian regimes.

VPNs are currently prohibited in a number of Middle Eastern countries, as well as countries with authoritarian, pro-Muslim authorities.

VPNs are prohibited in China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Thailand, and a number of other countries. Using a VPN is prohibited in several nations, but selling VPN access might result in a prison sentence.

What are the prices of tickets? (Including Harmonized Sales Tax)

$125 for a one-day entry to the event

Weekend package (Saturday and Sunday) – $65

$34 for a daily pass; $38 for a Sunday pass./

Tickets are $17.50 for a single game, except Sunday, when they are $20.

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