Winter Olympics 2018 -[Curling, SnowBoarding,Ice Hockey]

Published 1 February 2018 By: James

The 2018 Winter Olympics are set to kick-off on February 9th 2018. The following guide will feed you with all you need to know about the Winter Olympics 2018.



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Where are the 2018 Winter Olympics happening?

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This will be the first time ever for the country to host the Winter Olympic Games on its surface. They did host the Summer Olympics 30 years back in Seoul.

What sports are in the Winter Olympics?

Did you know that there are just 15 sports in the Winter Olympics? The following sports will be played in this year’s Winter Games:

  1. Alpine Skiing
  2. Bobsled
  3. Biathlon
  4. Curling
  5. Cross-Country Skiing
  6. Figure Skating
  7. Freestyle Skiing
  8. Ice Hockey
  9. Luge
  10. Nordic Combined
  11. Short Track Speed Skating
  12. Skeleton
  13. Ski Jumping
  14. Snowboard
  15. Speed Skating


Winter Olympics Facts

The following are some facts which will familiarize you with the Winter Games to be played this year.

  • South Korea is hosting Winter Olympics for the first time
  • 102 medals will be awarded in 15 different categories
  • Russia is not participating in Winter Olympics
  • For the first time the live coverage of all the games will be telecast live throughout US


Official Winter Olympics Mascot

Winter Olympics 2018 mascot

A white tiger named Soohorang will be the official mascot for the Pyeongchang Winter Games this year. “Sooho” comes from the Korean word for protection, while “rang” comes from the middle letter of “Ho-rang-i,” the word for “tiger.” It is also the last letter of “Jeong-seon A-ri-rang,” which is a traditional folk song from the Gangwon Province, which is where the Games are being held.



How can I watch the Olympics on TV?

While the Olympic Games are to be shown on local TV channels in most countries, those who prefer to watch the games online may find it hard to do so. For this reason, we’ve created an exclusive Winter Olympics live streaming guide which will help viewers to stream the games on TV.

Winter Olympics 2018 TV Channels

  1. Channel 7
  2. BBC Iplayer
  3. Bein Sports
  4. NBC Sports
  5. France TV
  6. CBC
  7. Star Sports


24th FEB

Alpine Skiing — Team event
Bobsled — Four-man competition heat races
Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 50km mass start
Curling — Men’s gold and silver match, women’s bronze match
Men’s Hockey — Bronze medal match
Snowboarding — Men’s big air final, men’s and women’s giant parallel slalom finals
Speed Skating — Men’s and women’s mass start

25th FEB

Bobsled — Four-man heat races
Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 30km mass start
Curling — Women’s gold medal match
Figure Skating — Exhibition gala
Men’s Hockey — Gold medal match