In this guide we will be doing a channel comparison taking Peacock vs Disney+ features and usability to obtain which platform is better to stream live sports events in 2023. Although both the streaming services have different fan following, we will make sure to give you the best results from each and every angle possible with complete transparency.

Peacock and Disney Plus both being a US based streaming platforms offers many variety for their viewers showcasing Live Sports, TV Shows, Movies and Originals as well. However, they do have some different attributes which will help you to invest your money in the right area to maximize your satisfaction. Lets start digging out what these platforms has to offer.

Features Comparison – Peacock vs Disney+

Below is a quick overview of Disney+ vs Peacock main features which users frequently ask for. Moreover, for further evaluation and details we also have done sub-detailed analysis moving ahead.

Free Trial ApplicableNo Free Trial7 days
Simultaneous Streams43
Video-on-Demand4,500+ hours80,000+ hours
Live ChannelsOnly with Hulu Bundle50+
Local ChannelsOnly with Hulu/ESPN+ BundleNBC only
Sport ChannelsOnly with Hulu/ESPN+ Bundle3

Comparing Pricing Plans & Subscription

Peacock TV has various subscription plans and pricing attached to it. The streaming service offers a basic subscription at which has zero cost. Moreover, a premium subscription cost $4.99/month which comes with ads and allows you stream around all content libraries. Lastly, there is a premium plus subscription which runs without any ads and that will cost you $9.99/month including everything Peacock has to offer.

In Contrast, Disney+ has two subscription plans which are known to basic and premium subscriptions. If you chose to buy out basic plan which will cost you $7.99/month will show ads. However, premium subscription costs you $10.99/month or $109.99/year saving you $20 will come ad-free and all the libraries inclusive.

Does Peacock and Disney+ have Free Trials?

Peacock does have a free trial offering for their users up to 7 days. This free trial subscription allows the user to stream content in each category with on demand content up till 15,000 hours.

On the other hand Disney+ does not offer any free trial on its platform. Previously, it was offering a free trial to its user but presently that facility is out of order.

Peacock vs. Disney+  Simultaneous Streaming

As soon as you have subscribed to Peacock, you can signup using your credentials from three different devices and can use that account up to 3 simultaneous streams running parallelly. This gives you and your family members to enjoy all at once without paying extra bit of money.

For Disney+ subscribers, you can signup using your login details and can put the same credentials on four other devices allowing you up to 4 simultaneous streams running side by side. All your family members can have the access to the platform where they can stream live events and other content all at same time.

Peacock vs. Disney+ – Device Compatibility

Peacock and Disney+ both have apps that are compatible on cross-platforms making them accessible for their users to consume content in different ways. Below are the details on Device Compatible on Peacock and Disney Plus.

Peacock Disney+
Apple TVsSmart TVs
Smart TVsChromecast
Amazon Fire TV StickRoku
LG TVsKodi
Xfinity Player

Disney+ vs. Peacock – Content on Demand

Peacock is widely used by many sports and streaming fans as it offers great variety of Live Sports, TV Shows and Entertainment Originals. With a new member subscribing to Peacock will require to add up settings to Parental Control if the service is accessible to kids at home. Peacock originally offers 15,000+ hours on their free subscription whereas if you chose to have a premium membership, you will be able to stream 5,000 additional hours of content inclusive of all categories.

Disney+ is a family streaming service with all the guidelines in favor with the minors as the parental control element is built-in. Moreover, with Disney+ you will be able to access 4,500 hours of content streaming with its standalone subscription.

Our Verdict – Peacock is Better!

As we are done with looking out for major chunks of information regarding both the streaming platforms. Comparing them with regards to Pricings, Compatibility, Offerings and User Experience. We have obtained that Peacock wins the battle as it has an edge over Disney+ in areas such as Content on Demand, Free Trial and Pricings as well.

Ultimately, it is clear that anyone who is confused in choosing between the both can go all in for Peacock as their basic subscription is free and can develop experience before buying out premium or premium plus subscriptions.

People Also Ask

Which is better Peacock or Disney Plus?

Peacock is better than Disney Plus having an edge on many features like pricing, free trial applicable and on demand content as well.

Does Disney Plus offer sports?

Yes! Disney+ offer different sports to stream live on its platform such as Cricket, Football and much more.

Is Peacock better than other streaming services?

Peacock surely is one of the best platforms globally but calling it better than other streaming service wont be justified.

Does Disney provide ESPN+?

Disney+ can be bundled with ESPN+ as there is an option to get Hulu Live+ Bundle offering ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu Live in just $13.99/month

Is Peacock worth getting?

Peacock is surely a worth it platform to buy as you get to have everything under one roof. Moreover, if you are a football freak, then Peacock is a must buy streaming service.

Does peacock have a free trial?

Yes! Peacock does offer a 7-day Free Trial service for its user to experience their offerings.