Sling TV vs. ESPN+: Which one is Solid to Stream Live Sports?

Sling TV and ESPN+ are both known to be US based streaming services mainly focusing on streaming sports content on their platforms. These services are widely being used by many sports enthusiasts to stream live sports events. But which one is better?

We have done a detailed Channel Comparison on ESPN+ vs. Sling TV to ensure their Compatibility, Pricing, Subscription Plans and Other Offerings. You will find out detailed analysis after a quick overview of all the features included to obtain a better streaming platform to watch live sports.

Feature Comparison – Sling TV vs. ESPN+

Sling TV and ESPN+ both are known to be offering variety of sports content on their platforms but for a user many other features such as Affordability, Compatibility and Offerings do matter. Here is why we have down a quick feature comparison mentioning all the major things you need to know.

FeaturesSling TVESPN+
Pricing$55/ month$10.99/month
Free Trial ApplicableNo Free TrialNo Free Trial
Simultaneous Streams43
Video-on-Demand10,000+ hours1,000+ hours
Live ChannelsYesYes
Local ChannelsYesYes
Sport ChannelsYesYes

Comparing Pricing & Subscription Plans

ESPN+ has a standalone subscription plan which will cost you $9.99/month or $99.99/year saving you around 15% of the total amount. Additionally you can get ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu with Ads in $12.99/month as a bundle offer.

In Contrast, Sling TV offers their users in three different plans which are know to be Sling Orange, Sling Blue and Sling Orange+Blue.

  • Sling Orange: $40/month including 30+ channels – [Best for Sports Streaming]
  • Sling Blue: $40/month including 45+ channels – [Best for Entertainment + News]
  • Sling (Orange+Blue): $55/month including 55+ channels – [Best for Live Events]

Which devices are compatible to Stream Sports on ESPN+ vs. Sling TV?

Sling TV and ESPN+ both have apps that are compatible on cross-platforms making them accessible for their users to consume content in different ways. Below are the details on Device Compatible on Sling TV and ESPN Plus.

Apple TVsSmart TVs
Smart TVsChromecast
Amazon Fire TV StickRoku
LG TVsKodi
Xfinity Player

How many Simultaneous Streams on ESPN+ and Sling TV?

Both streaming platforms are renowned for extremely smooth quality. However, you have one hidden feature which mostly users do not look into and that is Simultaneous Streaming.

ESPN+ has given their users the option to Stream Live Events or anything they are are willing into up to 3 simultaneous devices all at once. Whereas Sling TV has got the edge on this by showing up and allowing 4 simultaneous devices at once.

Does Sling TV and ESPN+ offer Free Trials?

ESPN+ and Sling TV does not offer any sorts of Free Trials to their users. However, it is said that for the first months you can avail great discounts.

Our Verdict – Sling TV Clinches on Better Variety!

Sling TV has taken edge on offering better variety in terms of the local channels and international events coverage as well. However, from the price part Sling is comparatively expensive but their content offering are way too much than ESPN+

Although both the platforms does not offer Free Trials but Sling TV has more weightage on simultaneous streams and on-demand content which are up to 10,000+ hours in a month. Therefore, the best option is buy out Sling TV as it covers all under one roof.

People Also Ask

Can I watch local channels on Sling TV or ESPN+?

Yes! Sling does offer you local channels including FOX, NBC and others as well. However, ESPN+ is mainly focused on sports therefore not many instance where you can catch local channels.

Can I stream content from Sling TV and ESPN+ on multiple devices?

Yes! ESPN+ offers you to stream content on 3 other devices whereas Sling offers their users up to 4 simultaneous devices at once.

Does Sling TV have a user-friendly interface?

Yes! Sling TV has a user friendly interface which allows you to navigate smoothly and also a search bar is provided in case you are looking to jump directly on something.

Can I access international content on Sling TV and ESPN+?

This depends on the broadcasting rights acquired by the channels bein offered.

Are Sling TV and ESPN+ focused solely on sports content?

Sling TV cover other areas such as entertainment, news and local channels. However, ESPN+ is mainly focused on sports content.

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