A well-known and elite streaming service, Paramount+ is well-known for its enormous selection of exclusive content from CBS and Paramount. This covers a wide range of films and television programs. Notably, 18 unique live channels have been added to the site, substantially enhancing its offers.  

This article covers all of the Paramount+ channels and their available programming in detail. It provides information on what viewers may expect from these channels and also contains crucial information regarding the price of a Paramount+ membership. The guide also provides details on freshly added live channels and other significant features of the Paramount+ streaming service.

Paramount+ Channel list 

In addition to providing a diverse array of content from networks including CBS, Bet, MTV, and Comedy Central, Paramount+ has introduced a collection of 18 continuous TV channels. These channels operate much like conventional television, delivering a constant stream of programming such as shows, documentaries, movies, and other content, all day, every day. This setup enables viewers to easily tune in at any point during the day to discover what’s currently airing.

Each channel boasts its unique theme, spanning genres like drama, history, and animation. They all showcase content drawn from Paramount+’s extensive library, encompassing BET series, Smithsonian Channel documentaries, and Comedy Central specials. 

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Paramount+ Channel Hub List

  • CBS
  • Comedy Central
  • Nickelodeon
  • MTV
  • BET
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • News

What channel is Paramount Plus on Spectrum?

All three subscription plans of Spectrum TV include access to the Paramount+ streaming service. The absence of a contract requirement in Spectrum TV subscription plans provides a notable degree of flexibility. With an extensive offering of more than 150 channels in each package, finding the Paramount Network channel can pose a challenge. This complexity arises from the variation in available channels based on geographical location.

Navigating through the channels to access Paramount+ services presents difficulties for a significant number of users. Some individuals opt not to engage in any prior research. To avoid misunderstandings in the future, it is crucial to often check the Spectrum TV channel list before making any channel changes.

By employing this tactic, you might perhaps escape the laborious task of seeking for certain services. Alternatively, you may just switch on your Spectrum TV, easily input the channel number, and begin viewing your preferred programs right now.

Historical and Educational Programs

Paramount Plus offers a compelling selection of historical and educational programs. These offerings delve into a wide range of subjects, providing viewers with opportunities to explore the past, gain new insights, and expand their knowledge base. From in-depth historical documentaries to engaging educational content, Paramount Plus caters to those with a thirst for learning and a fascination with the world’s rich tapestry of history and culture.


Paramount Plus presents a captivating array of documentaries, covering a wide spectrum of subjects. These thought-provoking films provide viewers with in-depth insights into real-world events, societal issues, natural wonders, and more. From gripping true-crime documentaries to awe-inspiring nature films and compelling explorations of human history, Paramount Plus offers a diverse documentary selection that both educates and entertains, catering to the curiosity of its audience.

What Channel is Paramount Plus on DirecTV

You can watch the Paramount Network on DIRECTV on channel 241. The DIRECTV channel guide also has the Paramount Network in the “Entertainment” section.

Please be aware that based on your region and the programming bundle you have chosen, the DIRECTV channel selection may change. 

What’s the difference between Live TV and Live Channels?

Paramount+  Live TV channels stream live content similar to that found on traditional cable, including news, sports, and entertainment, as well as your local CBS station (the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME plan only), while Live Channels offer nonstop, curated programming from the current content library on Paramount+.

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Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, Paramount Plus is the best to watch movies or sports, and it offers unique content from CBS or Paramount. It now has 18 different streaming channels. The guide is all about the channels of Paramount+ by their themes and content. Of the availability of the Spectrum. It offers 150 channels in a super package. Find out the note of the channels of Spectrum TV and the unstoppable programming from the streaming platform.