Paramount Plus is a renowned streaming platform offering a vast array of content, from movies and TV shows to live sports. However, like all technology, it’s not immune to glitches and issues. Users have reported problems ranging from login difficulties to app crashes and playback issues. If you’re one of the many facing challenges with Paramount+ Not Working, this guide is here to help.

Why Might Paramount+ Not Work?

There are numerous reasons why Paramount+ might not be functioning as expected. Some common culprits include:

  • Internet Connection Issues: A slow or unstable internet connection can lead to playback problems. Ensure you have a minimum speed of 4 Mbps for smooth streaming.
  • Outdated App Version: Using an older version of the Paramount+ app can cause compatibility issues. Always ensure you’re using the latest version.
  • Device-Specific Glitches: Sometimes, the device you’re using might have temporary data causing the problem. Restarting or resetting can often resolve these issues.
  • Corrupted App Data: Occasionally, the app’s data can become corrupted, leading to various problems. Clearing the app’s cache or reinstalling it can help.

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Troubleshooting Paramount+ Issues

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Before diving into other solutions, ensure your internet connection is stable. Test your speed using tools like or If your connection is slow, consider resetting your router or contacting your ISP.
  2. Restart Your Device: A simple restart can often resolve many temporary glitches. Turn off your device and then turn it back on.
  3. Update the Paramount+ App: Ensure you’re using the latest version of the app. Depending on your device, you might need to visit the App Store or Play Store to check for updates.
  4. Clear Cache or App Data: Clearing cache or app data can resolve issues arising from corrupted data. However, remember that clearing data might log you out of the app.
  5. Reinstall Paramount+: If the above steps don’t work, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the Paramount+ app. This action can remove any corrupt data causing problems.
  6. Contact Customer Support: If you’ve tried all the above solutions and still face issues, it might be time to reach out to Paramount+ customer support for further assistance.

Alternative Streaming Devices 

If you’re experiencing persistent issues with Paramount+ on your primary streaming device, consider trying an alternative streaming device. Sometimes, compatibility problems or device-specific issues can disrupt the streaming experience. By switching to a different device, you can determine whether the problem lies with the streaming service or the particular device you’ve been using. This troubleshooting step can help pinpoint the source of the issue and allow you to resume enjoying Paramount+ content without interruptions.

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Device-Specific Solutions

  • For Web Browsers: Ensure your browser is up-to-date and supported by Paramount Plus. Clear your browser’s cache, disable ad-blockers, and try using an alternative browser if possible.
  • For Xbox and PlayStation: If the Paramount+ is not working, close and relaunch it. Restarting the console or router might also help.
  • For Smart TVs: Depending on the brand (Samsung, LG, Vizio), you might need to restart the TV, force close the app, or perform a soft power cycle.
  • For Mobile Devices: Force close the app or consider reinstalling it. Ensure your network connection is stable.
  • For Roku, Firestick, and Apple TV: Restart the device, check for system updates, clear the cache, or perform a hard reset if needed.

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While it’s frustrating when Paramount+ Not Working as expected, the solutions provided above should help most users get back to their favorite shows and movies. Remember, technology isn’t perfect, but with a bit of troubleshooting, you can often find a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download content from Paramount Plus to watch offline?

Yes, but only if you have the Paramount Plus Premium package.

Why can’t I download certain shows or movies?

Not all content is available for download, or you might not be on the Premium plan.

How do I cancel my Paramount Plus subscription?

Visit the Paramount Plus website, log in, select your profile, and follow the cancellation instructions.

What content is available on Paramount Plus?

It offers content from CBS, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and more, including original shows and movies.

Is there a free trial for Paramount Plus?

Yes, Paramount Plus offers a free seven-day trial. After that, you’ll need to choose a subscription plan.