The streaming landscape is ever-evolving, with new Streaming platforms and deals emerging regularly. One such platform that has garnered significant attention is Paramount Plus. With a plethora of content offerings and enticing bundle deals, it’s no wonder that many are considering hopping on the Paramount Plus bandwagon. In this guide, we’ll delve into the Top Paramount Plus Bundle to Claim in 2023.

What Makes Paramount Plus Stand Out?

Paramount Plus, formerly known as CBS All Access, has undergone a significant transformation since its rebranding. The platform boasts an impressive catalog of content, including iconic titles like the “Godfather” trilogy, “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” and the much-anticipated revival of “Frasier.” With such a diverse range of offerings, it’s evident that Paramount Plus is not just another streaming service but a formidable contender in the streaming wars.

The Paramount Plus and Showtime Bundle

One of the most enticing deals currently available is the Paramount Plus and Showtime bundle. This package offers subscribers access to both platforms at a discounted rate. With this bundle, viewers can enjoy a vast array of content, from popular series on CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon to premium series and movies on Showtime. This includes live events such as boxing and MMA. The combined content library offers over 31,000 hours of viewing material, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Limited-Time Deals to Watch Out For

Paramount Plus has been known to offer limited-time deals that provide incredible value for money. One such deal allows subscribers to access the platform for just $2.50 a month, a significant discount from the regular monthly price of $5.99. Also, this deal is tied to Paramount Plus’s premium sports offerings, allowing subscribers to watch major sports events, including NFL Games, NCAA, PGA, and soccer, as part of their subscription.

Another noteworthy deal is the Paramount Plus Premium + Showtime plan. Typically priced at $12 a month, new subscribers can use a promo code to avail of a 50% discount for the first three months, bringing the cost down to just $6 a month. This bundle offers commercial-free access to both Showtime and Paramount Plus’s entire library, including recent hits and select sports events.

Free Trials and Other Offers

For those unsure about committing to a subscription, Paramount Plus offers a free trial. This allows potential subscribers to test out the platform before making a decision. Additionally, there are other deals, such as a 50% discount on annual plans for the first year. With such offers, users can subscribe to the Paramount Plus Essential plan for just $29.99 for the first year or the Paramount Plus with Showtime bundle for $59.99 for the first year.

Discounts Offers:

Is Paramount Plus Worth It?

With a vast content library, including over 8,000 episodes from networks like CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, and original series such as “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Good Fight,” Paramount Plus offers a diverse viewing experience. The platform’s focus on franchise-building, international expansion, and collaborations with other networks makes it a valuable addition to any streaming portfolio.


Lastly, in the ever-competitive world of streaming, Paramount Plus has carved a niche for itself with its diverse content offerings and enticing bundle deals. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or someone looking for quality TV shows, Paramount Plus has something for everyone. Also, with the platform’s continuous efforts to expand and innovate, now is the perfect time to consider the Top Paramount Plus Bundle to Claim.


What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus, formerly known as CBS All Access, is a streaming platform offering a vast content library from networks like CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, along with original series and sports events.

Is there a bundle deal for Paramount Plus and Showtime?

Yes, there’s a bundle deal that offers subscribers access to both Paramount Plus and Showtime at a discounted rate, providing a combined content library of over 31,000 hours.

Are there any limited-time deals for Paramount Plus in 2023?

Paramount Plus offers limited-time deals, such as a subscription for $2.50 a month and a 50% discount on the Paramount Plus Premium + Showtime plan for the first three months.

Does Paramount Plus offer a free trial?

Yes, Paramount Plus provides a free trial for potential subscribers, allowing them to explore the platform before committing to a subscription.

Is the content on Paramount Plus diverse?

Absolutely! With over 8,000 episodes from various networks and original series like “Star Trek: Discovery” and “The Good Fight,” Paramount Plus ensures a diverse and engaging viewing experience.