Peacock TV, the streaming platform by NBCUniversal, has become a go-to destination for many viewers, offering a plethora of shows, movies, original series, live sports, and news. As with any digital service, understanding how to configure and manage your account settings is crucial for a seamless viewing experience. This guide will walk you through the steps to configure your Peacock TV account settings in 2023.

Accessing Account Settings

  1. Navigating to Account Settings: Begin by navigating to your Peacock account. Sign in using your credentials. Once logged in, select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.
  2. Profile Management: Here, you can manage your profile, including changing your profile picture, name, and other personal details.
  3. Subscription Details: Under the ‘Plans & Payment’ tab, you can view your current subscription details, including the type of plan (Premium or Premium Plus) and the associated costs. You can also manage your payment methods here.

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Setting Up Parental Controls

Peacock TV offers parental controls, allowing you to restrict content based on age ratings:

  1. Log in to your Peacock TV account via a web browser.
  2. Click on your profile photo in the top right corner.
  3. Select the ‘Settings’ tab.
  4. Navigate to ‘Parental Controls’ and toggle it ON.
  5. Choose the age restriction suitable for your family.
  6. Set a Parental Control Pin. This pin will be required to access content above the age restriction you’ve set.

Managing Subscriptions

If you wish to modify or cancel your subscription:

  1. Navigate to ‘Account Settings’.
  2. Under the ‘Plans & Payment’ tab, you can view your current subscription details.
  3. To cancel or modify your subscription, follow the on-screen instructions. Remember, if you’ve subscribed through third-party services like Apple or Roku, you might need to cancel through their respective platforms.

Watching Peacock on Smart TVs

  1. Ensure your TV is connected to the internet.
  2. Visit your TV’s app section and search for Peacock.
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Open Peacock and either sign up or sign in, depending on whether you already have an account.


Is Peacock TV free?

While Peacock TV initially offered a free tier, it’s no longer available for new subscribers as of February 2023.

How much does Peacock Premium cost?

Peacock Premium is priced at $6 a month or $60 a year. An ad-free version, Peacock Premium Plus, is available for $12 a month or $120 a year.

Where can I watch Peacock?

Peacock is available on various devices, including Vizio, Samsung, LG smart TVs, iOS and Android devices, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox One, PlayStation, and more.

Can I share my Peacock TV account?

Yes, one account can be shared across the family. You can use only three devices simultaneously.

Are downloads possible on Peacock?

As of now, it’s not possible to download movies and shows for offline viewing on Peacock.

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Lastly, Peacock TV offers a rich array of content, making it a favorite among many viewers. By understanding how to configure and manage your account settings, you can tailor the platform to your preferences, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free streaming experience. Whether you’re setting up parental controls, managing subscriptions, or watching on a smart TV, Peacock TV provides a user-friendly interface to meet all your streaming needs. Its easy now to learn about the Peacock TV Account Settings.