In this guide we will be accumulating the whole process on how a user can setup Peacock TV on Roku Device just by following a few simple steps. Whether you approve or not, Peacock has become the sole platform for live sports such as Premier League Hub and NBCUniversal is striving to attract additional subscribers by introducing original content like adding NFL and Other Sports to the library.

You can watch Peacock on Roku by accessing the Channel Store on the web, the Roku mobile app, or by visiting the Streaming Channels menu on your Roku device’s home screen. While some content may be seen for free along with advertisements, a Premium or Premium Plus membership is necessary to access all films and TV shows.

Is Peacock on Roku?

Naturally, Peacock’s primary focal point is the United States; however, its influence also extends to Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Notably, regions such as American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands within the US also enjoy access to the platform.

How to get Peacock on Roku?

You can also perform a search for Peacock within the web-based version of the Channel Store or the official Roku app for Android and iOS. Once you locate the correct listing, You will come across an “Add channel” button that integrates the app with your Roku account. The initiation of downloads on your Roku may require some time to occur automatically.

Upon launching the app on your Roku, you’ll receive a prompt to either log in to an existing account or establish a new one. A substantial portion of the content available on Peacock is accessible for free with advertisements, allowing you to create a basic account and commence streaming promptly.

For comprehensive access, however, payment is necessary, entailing a Premium or Premium+ subscription. The former option comes at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, whereas the latter is priced at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, and it significantly reduces the presence of commercials. Nonetheless, sporadic ads may still appear, a phenomenon attributed by Peacock to “streaming rights.”

Pros for Sports on Peacock TV (Roku):

  • Live sports coverage, including Premier League soccer.
  • Replays and highlights for major sporting events.
  • Access to exclusive sports content and documentaries.
  • Multi-sport coverage.

Cons for Sports on Peacock TV (Roku):

  • Advertisements during live sports streams.
  • Limited access to some premium sports content without a subscription.
  • Potential regional restrictions on live sports coverage.
  • Requires a stable internet connection for uninterrupted streaming.

How to Remove Peacock TV on Roku Device?

You must cancel through Roku if you subscribe to Peacock Premium or Premium Plus directly. Follow the steps mentioned to remove Peacock TV from your Roku device.

  • On your Roku home screen, choose the Peacock app by holding down the Alt key.
  • On your remote, press the star/asterisk button.
  • Decide on Manage subscription.
  • Simply choose Cancel Subscription. You’ll receive a notification letting you know how long the service will be operational.
  • Once again click Cancel Subscription, then click Done.

Wrapping Up!

In summary, Peacock has become a hub for popular series, backed by original content. Accessible on Roku through various means, it offers both free and premium content. Its reach extends to multiple countries. Acquiring and canceling subscriptions is straightforward. Peacock’s significance is highlighted by its offerings and availability on Roku.

People Also Ask

Is Peacock available on Roku?

The channel shop offers an official Roku app for Peacock TV.

Can I watch Peacock free?

With its free edition, Peacock delivers around 10,000 hours of ad-supported films and TV series.

Why is Peacock free now?

The free tier has been phased out and because NBCUniversal no longer wishes to include it with Xfinity.