Watch Copa America Live Stream from Anywhere

Copa America Centenario is moving on with full thrill and excitement and entering into Quarter-Final stage with many unexpected results from the group stages. Being a football fan, it should not be missed.

Copa America Final

Sunday, 26 June Argentina (2)0-0(4) Chile @ 8 PM ET

The problem is the limited TV and restricted online coverage of the tournament. The few channels are geo-restrictedand due to which worldwide football fans are facing issues watching live Copa matches. To help football fans, we have come up with a solution.

With a VPN you can unblock any restricted channel and access the live streaming from anywhere in the world. Connect to the country server e.g. Chile and unblock the channel restricted to that country i.e. Canal13 to live stream the Copa America matches. Complete channel list is given below.

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Now that you know which VPN service would be ideal for watching Copa América Centenario, it’s time that you learn how to unblock the channels streaming this event:

How to Watch Copa America Centenario Online With VPN?

Step 1: Buy your desired subscription of one of the VPNs we suggested above by clicking on the Visit Site button.
Step 2: Download the VPN App from respective website.
Step 3: Choose your desired country from the drop down menu under the servers list and hit Connect.
Step 4: Now visit the channel you like from the list we provided below and start watching Copa America Centenario!

Where to Watch Copa America Centenario with VPN?

Here’s the list of online broadcasters that are showing Copa America Centenario matches live online:

Country Channels
USA FoxSports, Univision (Spanish)
Brazil Rede Globo, SporTV
Argentina TV Pública & Telefe
Chile Canal 13 (FREE)
Latin America ESPN
Australia FoxSports
France beIN Sports, Canal+
UK Premier Sports
China LeTV (FREE)

Why Do You Exactly Need a VPN to Watch Copa America Centenario?

A VPN is a must have when it comes to Copa America live streaming online. There are many channels that broadcast sporting events live online but are not available in every country.

This is due to geo-restrictions put by the government and/or other authorities. A VPN changes users’ IP, which allows them to virtually travel to the country where the sports’ streaming is allowed. So, this is why you need a VPN for Copa America Centenario live streaming.

Apart from unblocking, VPN services also provide users the security and anonymity that they deserve. So, while you are accessing streaming of Copa America Centenario from a restricted country, nobody can see you doing it, yes, not even your ISP!

Schedule for Copa America Centenario

Copa America is one of the oldest and most prestigious International sporting events in the world. This year’s Copa America is the most special of them all because it marks the ‘centenario’ or 100 years of the tournament since its inauguration. It’s also being held in the US, making it the first tournament to be held outside Southern America.


Copa America Centenario will start with an exciting opening ceremony on Friday, June 10, 2016, and will end with a new American Champion on June 3, 2016. Here’s the complete schedule of Copa America Centenario.

Date Time Fixture and Result
June 3 9:30 p.m. ET USA 0-2 Colombia
June 4 5 p.m. ET Costa Rica 0-0 Paraguay
June 4 7:30 p.m. ET Haiti 0-1 Peru
June 4 10 p.m. ET Brazil 0-0 Ecuador
June 5 5 p.m. ET Jamaica 0-1 Venezuela
June 5 8 p.m. ET Mexico 3-1 Uruguay
June 6 7 p.m. ET Panama 2-1 Bolivia
June 6 10 p.m. ET Argentina 2-1 Chile
June 7 8 p.m. ET USA 4-0 Costa Rica
June 7 10:30 p.m. ET Colombia 2-1 Paraguay
June 8 7:30 p.m. ET Brazil 7-1 Haiti
June 8 10 p.m. ET Ecuador 2-2 Peru
June 9 7:30 p.m. ET Uruguay 0-1 Venezuela
June 9 10 p.m. ET Mexico 2-0 Jamaica
June 10 7 p.m. ET Chile 2-1 Bolivia
June 10 9:30 p.m. ET Argentina 5-0 Panama
June 11 7 p.m. ET USA 1-0 Paraguay
June 11 9 p.m. ET Colombia 2-3 Costa Rica
June 12 6:30 p.m. ET Ecuador 4-0 Haiti
June 12 8:30 p.m. ET Brazil 0-1 Peru
June 13 8 p.m. ET Mexico 1-1 Venezuela
June 13 10 p.m. ET Uruguay 3-0 Jamaica
June 14 8 p.m. ET Chile 4-2 Panama
June 14 10 p.m. ET Argentina 3-0 Bolivia
June 16 9:30 p.m. ET USA 2-1 Ecuador
June 17 8 p.m. ET Peru (2) 0-0 (4) Colombia
June 18 7 p.m. ET Argentina 4-1 Venezuela
June 18 10 p.m. ET Mexico 0-7 Chile
June 21 9 p.m. ET USA 0-4 Argentina
June 22 8 p.m. ET Colombia 0-2 Chile
Third Place
June 25 8 p.m. ET USA 0-1 Colombia
June 26 8 p.m. ET Argentina (2) 0-0 (4) Chile