Top NFL Teams who could win in the 2022 season


With nearly 67,000 spectators per game, the NFL has the largest average attendance of any national professional sports league in the world and is one of the most watched sports leagues in the United States. Lets dig into the Top NFL Teams who could win in the 2022 season.

A little introduction about the NFL and Top NFL Teams

The National Football League (NFL) is the top level of American football play in North America and is a professional football league. The American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference are the two divisions into which the league’s 32 teams are divided. 

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Top NFL Teams: Green Bay Packers

When Aaron Rodgers is playing as the quarterback, the Packers are likely to be title favorites. Although they have struggled against the top teams late in the playoffs, even when Davante Adams, the finest receiver in the league, was playing.

The Packers lost Adams this summer and replaced him with Sammy Watkins, two rookie receivers in the seventh and 19th picks, Christian Watson, and Romeo Doubs. To their credit, the Packers’ defense might be better than it has been in a while.

2022 pre season statistics
Total first downs54
FIRST DOWNS Rushing-Passing-By Penalty20-26-8
Field Goals3/4
Turnover Ratio-2

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Denver Broncos

With the addition of Russell Wilson via trade, Denver became a real top team for the first time since Peyton Manning. Denver must now develop an approach that makes the most of Wilson without encountering the same problems as the Seattle Seahawks.

2022 pre season statistics
Total first downs58
FIRST DOWNS Rushing-Passing-By Penalty11-36-11
Field Goals7/7
Turnover Ratio1

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San Francisco 49ersTop NFL Teams

The 49ers’ ability to win is a result of Kyle Shanahan’s system and the players they have. Jimmy Garoppolo, who is still on the team, may very possibly start all 12 games this year.

His performance has shown to be excellent enough for this club to win, and Trey Lance may serve as the backup quarterback for Garoppolo rather than the starting quarterback in 2022.

2022 Pre Season Statistics
Total first downs54
FIRST DOWNS Rushing-Passing-By Penalty16-33-5
Field Goals5/5
Turnover Ratio3

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Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals team excelled last season. Even though they did a great job targeting the team’s shortcomings last offseason. It seems doubtful that they will duplicate that kind of extraordinary series of outcomes this season. They were the AFC’s No. 4 spot before starting on their playoff run. Cincinnati has the talent to compete if things go their way.

2022 Pre Season Statistics
Total first downs53
FIRST DOWNS Rushing-Passing-By Penalty10-39-4
Field Goals9/10
Turnover Ratio2

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Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens were one of the few teams last season that were as severely affected by injuries. As a result, they went from being the top seed in the AFC at one point to being outside of the playoffs by the end of the year. The Ravens can go on streaks of dominant play that terrify any team in the league simply by being healthy again, making them a viable playoff team once more.

2022 Pre Season Statistics
Total first downs45
FIRST DOWNS Rushing-Passing-By Penalty14-30-1
Field Goals5/5
Turnover Ratio3

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Cleveland Browns

Deshaun Watson’s availability is essential for Cleveland’s success. Although it is currently absolutely uncertain as the NFL seeks to wrap up its investigation into his alleged assault. The Browns should be a playoff club even without Watson.

With Baker Mayfield playing from Week 2 on with a seriously wounded shoulder, they came close to winning the championship the previous year. A healthy Mayfield this year greatly sets the bar. Watson playing the entire season probably pushes them to genuine title winners.

2022 Pre Season Statistics
Total first downs60
FIRST DOWNS Rushing-Passing-By Penalty19-34-7
Field Goals5/7
Turnover Ratio2

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