How to Watch ‘London Marathon 2022 Live’ Online in Germany


Are you all geared up to Watch the London Marathon 2022 in Germany about to happen on 2nd October 2022 and will be streamed live on BBC iPlayer. London Marathon is an yearly marathon held in London, United Kingdom and it was initiated by the legendary athletes known as Chris Basher and John Disley about 41 years ago in 1981. 

The London Marathon will have a starting point at Blackheath and will finish at The Mall and the complete race will be directed by Chris Basher’s son Hugh Basher. Every year there are several categories including Mass Race, Professional Race, Elite Wheelchair Race and  a 3-Mile Mini Marathon. It’s not just an event, it;s a festival for the people in London. 

The Mass Race is known to be the Third Largest Marathon globally after North Run and Manchester Run. Most importantly this marathon is known for its one fund raised for Charity which in 2019 was 66.4 Million GBP, and this year it’s been said to touch 1 Billion GBP. 

[Oct 2022] Quick Steps to Watch London Marathon 2022 Live Stream in Germany

BBC iPlayer will be streaming the historic London Marathon live online for fans in the UK. If you are not resident in Ireland or the UK, you will be needing a Premium VPN to Watch the London Marathon 2022. Follow the steps below to open your gates to access BBC iPlayer:

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When is the London Marathon 2022?

The London Marathon will start on October 2nd from Blackheath and will end at The Mall on the same day. 

What are the Core Values of the London Marathon 2022?

London Marathon is one of the most viewed Marathons globally as it has that humanitarian factor attached to it and is not less than an emotional event for the fans.

The Core Values of this event is known to be its Inspiration, Excellence, Integrity, Together and Fun with its vision to inspire Activity amongst the people and enhance an Active Cultural understanding in the society.

London Marathon 2022 – Global Time Bracket

Region Start Time 
London Marathon UK Time 9:40 A.M 
London Marathon Singapore Time 5:40 P.M
London Marathon Australia Time 6:40 P.M
London Marathon France Time 10:40 A.M
London Marathon Germany Time 10:40 A.M
London Marathon US Time 3:40 A.M
London Marathon Japan Time 5:40 P.M
London Marathon Belgium Time 10:40 A.M
London Marathon NZ Time 9:40 P.M
London Marathon Puerto Rico Time 4:40 A.M
London Marathon Canada Time 4:40 A.M
London Marathon India Time 2:10 P.M
London Marathon Netherlands Time 10:40 A.M
London Marathon Russia Time 11:40 A.M
London Marathon Turkey Time 11:40 A.M
London Marathon Sweden Time 10:40 A.M
London Marathon South Africa Time 10:40 A.M
London Marathon Philippines  Time 4:40 P.M
London Marathon Malaysia Time 4:40 P.M
London Marathon Brazil Time 5:40 A.M

Where to Watch TCS Mini London Marathon Live in Germany

Mini London Marathon will take place on 1st October 2022 which is going to be a 3- Mile distance running and this will be by the children and adults taking part in the Marathon crossing the finish line before the professionals. Also to mention that Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest marathon runner of all time, will be in the capital on Saturday 1 October as an Ambassador for the TCS Mini London Marathon. 

Note: You can watch the Mini London Marathon in Germany on BBC iPlayer via ExpressVPN [Exclusive Deal – $6.67/month + 3 Month Extra Usage for Free]

The London Marathon 2022 Course 

The London Marathon Course is 42 Kilometers long(26.2 Miles) which goes around the River Thames. There are intervals at every mile and the markers are being plotted at each intervals.

London Marathon Course will start from three different points namely Red Start, Green Start and the Blue Start.

Red Start will be in the Southern Greenwich Park on the way to Charlton. Green Start to be at the St. John’s Park. Blue Start to be settled at Shooter’s Hill Road. Also to mention that all runners starting from these three different points will merge in Woolwich after completing 4.5 Kilometer which is around the corner of Royal Artillery Barracks.

How to Watch London Marathon 2022 on BBC iPlayer in Germany

Only reason why German residents cannot access BBC iPlayer in their country is because of the geo-restriction applied. BBC iPlayer is a UK-Based Streaming Service and is only accessible in UK, Ireland and Wales. However, you can always get yourself accessed through a Virtual Private Network [Top Recommendation: ExpressVPN]

Follow the steps below to Watch London Marathon on BBC iPlayer in Germany to Watch London Marathon 2022 Live Streaming: 

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London Marathon 2022 Sponsors and Partners

Guinness World Record Breakers at London Marathon 2021

Approximately 30 World Record breaking moments were recorded as per Guinness Book of Records. Last year 2021, The London Marathon made history with the records been broken as followings: 

Record Number Athlete Name Record Details 
1Julian RendallFastest marathon dressed in pyjamas (male)– 02:51:45
Fastest marathon wearing Wellington boots(male) – 02:56:38
3Mark WilliamsonFastest marathon dressed in a rugby kit(male) – 03:05:45
4Kristina KucarFastest marathon wearing handcuffs(female) – 03:15:53
5Sarah Dudgeon
Max Livingstone
Fastest marathon in a two-person costume –03:17:12 
6Mark HurrenFastest marathon dressed as a cheerleader(male) – 03:18:22
7Rodney MushanganyisiFastest marathon dressed as a hospital patient (male) – 03:20:33
8Ian YoungFastest marathon dressed as an alien(male) – 03:23:05
9Andrew RobertsFastest marathon dressed as a mummy (male)– 03:17:37
10Victoria CarterFastest marathon dressed as a scientist(female) – 3:19:23
11Kieran DeeganFastest marathon dressed as a piece of medical equipment (male) – 03:23:53
12Troi Baxter
Kerry Bullen
Fastest marathon with two runners handcuffed together (female)– 03:30:08
13Charlie OsmondFastest marathon dressed as an astronomical body (male) – 03:30:36
14Liv AnderssonFastest marathon dressed as a monarch(female) – 03:39:50
15Jennifer GrahamFastest marathon dressed in pyjamas(female) – 03:46:12
16Ben BateFastest marathon dressed as a body part(male) – 03:49:14
Fastest marathon dressed in a safari suit (male) – 03:50:44
18Jez ClementsFastest marathon dressed as a three-dimensional television character (male) – 03:55:27
19Gilles DufosseFastest marathon dressed as a harlequin(male) – 03:56:27
20Martin Pritchard-HowarthFastest marathon dressed as a mountain climber (male) – 04:02:23
21Will SmithFastest marathon dressed in a tree costume(male) – 04:05:06
22Jane FaulknerFastest marathon dressed as a three dimensional plant (female) – 04:05:18
23Chris GreenFastest marathon dressed as a mammal(male) – 04:06:35
24Anna BassilFastest marathon dressed as a sweet food(female) – 04:12:20
25Charlotte SullivanFastest marathon dressed in traditional Spanish dress (female) – 04:26:18
26Neil MurphyFastest marathon dressed as a three-dimensional aircraft (male) – 04:27:44
27Digby Walker
Benjamin Taylor
Charlie Mason
Guy Dixon
Oliver Tipping
Fastest marathon in a six-person costume –04:34:52
28Andrew Pelton
Niall Cooper
Michael Pelton
Fastest marathon four-legged (male) –  04:37:33
29Phil SweatmanFastest marathon dressed as a heavy duty vehicle (male) – 04:50:54
30Paul BennettFastest marathon wearing ski boots (male)– 05:30:20

Why do you need a VPN to Watch London Marathon 2022 on BBC iPlayer?

Ever since BBC iPlayer has been geo-restricted outside UK, fans are always eager to watch their favorite sports such as Premier League, Champions League, F1 Races, Tennis and their Favorite Marathons live. The only thing that is easy and reasonable is to subscribe to a Premium VPN [ExpressVPN Recommended – see more details] to bypass the restrictions as it masks your identity and helps the user surf without any trouble.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the London Marathon 2022?

The London Marathon will start at 9:40 A.M Local Time in the UK on 2nd October 2022.

Where does the London Marathon start 2022?

London Marathon will be starting from Blackheath and will end at The Mall. Also to mention there are three starting points, Red(Southern Greenwich Park), Green(St John’s Park), and Blue (Shooter’s Hill Road).

What is the average time to run the London Marathon?

It takes about 4 and a half hours for runner to finish the 26 Mile Course. About 47 percent of the runners finish the course by this time on an average.

How hard is it to get into the London Marathon?

It’s known that London Marathon Balloting takes place every year and the applicants are in hundred thousands. Last year 400,000+ applicants sent their details and only 17,000 was able to get in.

Wrapping it Up!

London Marathon is the biggest event right now in London and for the people its a very emotional and a cause friendly event. However, those who are not able to take a part in the London Marathon can always participate in Watching the whole Marathon which clearly could reduce the guilt. You can watch the London Marathon in Germany on BBC iPlayer via ExpressVPN.

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