Lusail Stadium: Venue for the FIFA World Cup Final


The FIFA World Cup final will be the tournament’s most awaited match which will take place at the Lusail Stadium. The best teams will enter the grounds of the stadiums in Qatar and want to reach the finals from 20th November to 18 December. All the venues have the best infrastructure with perfect sustainable measures. However, Qatar offers a variety of ease for its fan. Such as the option for affordable accommodations, luxurious hotels for the stay with multiple offers, and reasonable lodgings near stadiums.

Before we take you toward the wonders of the Lusail Stadium, look at the fascinating technology being used by FIFA. They intend to use the best AI Technology which will track the player’s body. Along with ball-tracking technology. So much more is offered at the Qatar World Cup 2022. The high-end advancements along with Qatar’s best venues and accommodations will be a treat for football fans. Don’t wait up and get your tickets to the World Cup 2022.

The specialty of the Lusail Stadium

The Stadium in Lusail is very important in terms of the upcoming World Cup. When it starts, the Stadium, which was constructed in the famous city of Lusail, will host some high-profile games. In addition to this, the Stadium will host a number of knockout matches throughout the competition up until the final match on the last day of play.

The Lusail Stadium would have the highest seating capacity of any stadium in the nation with a seating capacity of around 86,000+.

Let’s talk about it’s structure!

The significance of this arena is clear given that it hosted the world cup final. But wait, what about the stadium’s design? Let’s delve deep and discover what makes the stadium’s design unique.

The shape of the Lusail City Stadium is typically based on bowls, vessels, and works of art that have been used in the Middle East for centuries, making it one of Qatar’s most innovative structures. The stadium has a distinctive appearance due to its sleep and bold shape, and the country’s upcoming FIFA competition is sure to amaze the audiences with its sloping roof.


Furthermore, it has a breathtaking gold exterior, and its graceful exterior doubles as the structure’s roof. There are sophisticated lighting systems in place that copy the glow of a fanar lantern. It’s interesting that the arena’s roof was designed in such a way that it offers enough natural light to care for the excellent playing surface. The Stadium is currently ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in Qatar as a result of this design structure.

The Sustainability factor

In Qatar, environmental protection has been a popular topic, and the nation has repeatedly emphasized the importance of sustainability. As for the stadium, Qatar has made every effort to make it a green venue for the upcoming world cup. This includes taking personal responsibility for the environment and planning. Here is what you need to know about the steps taken for sustainability at Lusail Stadium

  • Fans have access to the stadium via local roads, the Doha Metro, and even shuttle buses that run nearby. As a result, visitors can have a hassle-free trip to the Lusail Iconic Stadium.
  • Every opportunity is taken to recycle the building materials for the Lusail City Stadium.
  • In an effort to reduce pollution and waste during construction, sustainable building practices are continuing to develop. The stadium’s construction materials have all been sourced with environmental commitments in mind.
  • While installing leak detection systems and water fixtures to ensure sustainability, plants around the arena are being watered with recycled water. Actually, compared to traditional techniques, these systems conserve fresh water by about 40% more.
  • The Lusail Stadium’s roof was also designed with the environment in mind, which is a significant aspect in terms of sustainability. It’s interesting to note that advanced resources have been used to create shades that lessen the arena’s air conditioning. While still allowing for just the right amount of sunlight for pitch growth.

Matches & Ticket Prices at the Lusail Stadium


Are you planning to reserve a ticket at the Lusail Stadium and have a lifetime of experience? Then you have to know about the best ticket pricing and what matches will take place at the Lusail Stadium.

  • The first match to take place at the Lusail Stadium will be between Argentina and Saudi Arabia on the 22nd November. The price of the ticket is $450.00 USD.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo’s team Portugal will play against Uruguay on 28th November. The price of the tickets starts from $225.00 USD.
  • Each match of the round of 16, quarter final and semi-finals will also take place at the Lusail Stadium. The ticket’s price are  $375.00 USD, $650.00 USD, $1,230.00 USD respectively.
  • The FINAL of the FIFA World Cup price costs up to $2,600.00 USD.

Accommodations near the Lusail Stadium

Indeed, saving money by relocating close to a stadium can be a practical idea. We compiled a list of the top accommodations close to Lusail Stadium.

How to reach the stadium?

Since Qatar is a small nation, getting to the Lusail Stadium from Doha won’t be too difficult for visitors once the FIFA World Cup begins there. Fans traveling to the Lusail City Stadium could easily use the Doha metro link to get to the venue because the Doha Metro is ready to carry a mind-boggling one million passengers during the World Cup 2022.

As an alternative, there is a side road that can be used to get to Stadium via the Lusail Expressway. Even when the FIFA World Cup begins in the nation, getting from Doha to Stadium in Lusail wouldn’t be too difficult as there is an availability of Karwa taxis and metro shuttle services in and around Doha.

The Legacy of the Lusail Stadium in Qatar

After the World Cup is over, the Stadium in Qatar will still be home to a significant amount of world cup artifacts. This is a venue that would be crucial to the success of the world cup, and it would leave a lasting legacy. In addition, the Lusail Iconic Stadium would convert into a significant community hub with schools, shops, health clinics, sporting facilities, and much more after the World Cup of sporting facilities, and much more after it is over. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, once the world begins, the arena could hold about 80,000 people. After the competition, the majority of these would be taken out and donated to various other international sporting endeavors. Consequently, achieving the high standards of sustainability has taken another step forward.

Sophie is a sports broadcaster and journalist for VPN Sports. She has been reporting news on football for over a year now.