Countries that have won FIFA World Cup


This Sunday 20th November FIFA World Cup 2022 is held in Qatar and here’s the list of FIFA world cup winners the all-time champions team are going to play like Brazil, Spain, etc here we going to provide you with some info on the teams that have won FIFA Worl Cup and they still qualify for it. The host Qatar has approximately spent 220 billion dollars on this biggest event.

The opening ceremony will be more fascinating cause the most famous band member BTS Jung Kook is going to perform in it here’s a complete guide on list of FIFA World Cup winners The most well-known soccer players that have proven their ability to score goals are Junior Neymar from Brazil, Kylian Mbappe from France, and Harry Kane from England.

Additionally, in what may be their final participation in the game, the renowned Lionel Messi of Argentina and Christian Ronaldo of Portugal, both of whom are 37 years old, will be vying for the World Cup championship. The betting favourite to win the World Cup this year is Brazil, which last did it in 2002. Spain, England, Argentina, France, the current champion, and France are further popular betting options. at least one World Cup victory

Top 5 teams – List of FIFA World Cup winners

1) Brazil


There’s no doubt in saying that Brazil is the team that has played great for decades in international tournaments.
This team has participated in every FIFA World Cup since the competition began in 1930. This team is the only one in history that has won five World Cups titles. The creation of the Brazillian Football Confederation set the stage for the Brazil national team.

The team drew all players in their squad from either Rio de Janerio or Sao Paulo perhaps in their first football match Brazillian beat, Exeter City 2-0.they first won the trophy in 1919 and won the South America Trophy.

Games won663
Games drawn199
Games lost167



In the early 50s, Germany had no less than three international teams and those teams represented the Saarland the Democratic Republic, and the Federal republic. West Germany team was the most successful as they won three world cups and two European championships they also claimed two other major trophies establishing themselves as one of the greatest teams of all time in 1900. German Football Association was founded and represented by 86 clubs

Games won13
Games drawn5
Games lost5



If there would be two people talking about football then they must be discussing Italy too cause its the team filled with the greatest players in the Euro 2000 saw Itslly bring a strong squad that includes Francesco Totti and established many big names such as Alessandro Del Piero and Filippo. In the 2002 World cup, they got knocked out by hosts South Korea in the round of 16. Despite all this Italy won the Golden Goal from Trezeguet

Games won9
Games drawn2
Games lost5



Argentina is one of the greatest teams among other football teams and its population is known for its immense football passion. The coach Jose Pekerman would be criticized for not allowing Messi to play a single minute in the last game perhaps not a good move but the other player took the job and he only lasted two years until it was time for yet another chapter of Diego Maradona. The 2014 world cup which was anticipated to be Messi’s tournament completely crushed in the semi-final Argentina who had to reach the final was not happy with the name of the opponents. Stas shows that Argentina had never beaten Germany since 1986

Games won46
Games drawn26
Games lost41



France is the most successful and well-respected national team, despite the fact that other national teams also wear some variation of white, red, and blue in their uniforms. The cornerstone of French national identity is made up of these three hues, the Gallic rooster on their insignia, and the moniker Les Bleus. They have won two World Cups and two European Championships during the course of their lengthy existence. Their most prosperous decades were the 1950s, the 1980s, the late 1990s, and the late 2010s. France had a harsh lesson about their fragility at the 2002 World Cup.

Games won6
Games drawn3
Games lost6

Predicted outcome

France, the defending champions, are being undervalued by Sutton despite being one of the favourites at 13-2. Despite having one of the strongest teams in the world, France has had trouble winning games. Prior to the World Cup, Les Bleus had only won one of their previous six contests, including two losses to Denmark.

There will be a match between France and Denmark during the World Cup group stage. Argentina may be France’s Round of 16 opponent if they place last in Group D. France’s chances in Qatar don’t appear strong, in addition to their recent performance, because no nation has won back-to-back World Cups since Brazil in 1958–1962.

Prize Money of FIFA World Cup 2022

The victorious squad from the World Cup in Qatar would receive $42 million in prize money, FIFA said in April. Since 2018, $4 million more has been added to the prize pool to maintain a 40-year streak of growth. Before 2006, the World Cup winner’s prize money has never above $10 million, with Italy receiving an estimated $2.2 million for their victory in 1982. Since national teams were successful in convincing FIFA to increase prize money in 2002 thanks to rising World Cup revenue, winning teams have been given these benefits.


As we know that each team give hard time to them selves and give a great outcome but unfortunately winner will always remain be one so its a tough battle between teams hoping that the one who shows their full potential wins.

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