Additional rules for international citizens to enter Qatar

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Some basic entry rules in Qatar for foreign visitors are not permitted to enter Qatar after 1 November 2022 unless they have a Hayya card, according to the laws and regulations. have to be in possession of a working visa or personal recruitment visa. If they hold a Hayya card, foreign nationals without World Cup tickets in Qatar are permitted entry. Foreign nationals can download the Hayya to Qatar 2022 to apply for the Hayya card.

United Arab Emirates visitors should make the most of the 2017 FIFA World Cup in Qatar to visit the nation’s top sights and watch the live action. The Middle Eastern region has never hosted the competition before. People can also study more about the FIFA World Cup 2022. Modern buildings, beaches, and villages.

Entry rules in Qatar

Entry requirements


What is Hayya Card

The Hayya card is an essential thing for foreign Visitors introduced by the host nation. They introduced this to gather the data of each person whos going to visit the country and the stadiums Hayya Card helps fans visiting Qatar to witness the World Cup 2022.

It’s just like a visa and it’s also for the fans to get their favorite hotels and accommodations. Every fan should buy separate tickets for their favorite teams. They can only get a chance to enter the stadium with confirmed tickets and Hayya Card.

Requirements to apply for Hayya card

Before registering for a Hayya card digitally there are some requirements and things that you have to follow

  • Whoever wants to get the Hayya card should have a valid Match ticket Application Number
  • They should submit their accommodation status to get approval
  • All the information must be accurate and appropriate with no blunders otherwise higher authorities will take strict action and they wont get their Hayya Card
  • Should agree that the purpose of getting a Hayya card is to just visit The stadium to watch matches of football and already have tickets with them

Visa procedure for international citizens to enter Qatar

If you’ve decided to visit Qatar, you must first decide which visa type is appropriate for you. Every visitor to Qatar who is neither a citizen of Qatar nor a member of the GCC is frequently needed to obtain a visa.

Through the Hukoomi portal or the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, online visa applications are frequently submitted promptly and conveniently.

Citizens of 33 nations will receive immediate visas at the airport. Citizens of nations where visas cannot be issued immediately must apply well in advance of travel. The majority of individuals who relocate to Qatar to live and work have their companies apply for visas on their behalf. Independent visa seekers can easily complete the procedure.

Entry Rules

Can Internationals enter Qatar during World Cup

yes, they can enter Qatar but they still have to apply for Hayya Card in advance. It is necessary for everybody who wants to enter the country during the World Cup and the stadiums. Applications can be submitted online via the Hayya to Qatar 22 smartphone app or the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 website.

Qatar needs a 2022 visa for World Cup

A fan visa may also be obtained through the General Directorate of Passports and Ministry of Interior Service Centers for QAR 500 by anyone who entered Qatar prior to November 1, 2022, with any sort of visit visa and desires to attend the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


Do Internationals need a COVID test to enter Qatar

Pre-departure PCR or rapid antigen testing is not required if you enter Qatar after November 1st. On the government’s Ehteraz health app, you are not obliged to pre-register before visiting, unlike in the past. Before going for the tournament, make sure you have travel insurance to ensure that your trip and any activities you have planned are covered.

Holders of Hayya Cards have access to Hamad Medical Corporation’s emergency medical services during the competition. Private healthcare is a choice, even though it can be pricey. All travelers are advised to purchase adequate travel insurance.



Renting a place to stay during the World Cup will be different from other events. The World Cup Accommodation Agency of Qatar’s website will be the main platform for booking, but there are other options as well.

When requesting a Hayya Card, you must validate your hotel reservation if you want to stay in Qatar for more than 24 hours. You need a valid Hayya Card in order to enter the country.

If you plan to stay with friends or family in Qatar during the competition, your hosts must register your lodging on the Hayya portal website.
If you are a foreign fan traveling for just the game’s day and staying no longer than 24 hours, no travel plans are necessary. You will still have to fill out an application for a Hayya Card and enter your trip data.


Local laws and customs

International visitors need to be careful in Qatar

The laws and customs of Qatar are quite dissimilar from those of the UK. Be mindful of what you do to avoid offending someone.

Even if something is not technically against the law in the UK, there may nevertheless be severe consequences, such as the entry of specific items. This includes anything that might be construed as pornographic, such as ham, wine, e-cigarettes, and vapes.


Traveling around Qatar

The football sites for the World Cup are close together, and the event will result in significant traffic on the local transit lines. Plan your travel carefully and give yourself adequate time, especially on days when there are matches.

If you have a Hayya Card, you can utilize bus, subway, and tram services for nothing on game days. If you want to hire a car or take a cab, read Safety and security for additional details. Speeds are too high, and accidents, including those involving pedestrians, happen frequently. Road safety is quite poor.


Summary- Entry rules In Qatar

Although every national visitor has to follow all the rules and regulations for FIFA World Cup 2022 entry in Qatar so that they can enjoy this enormous event fully and they can also discover more tourist spots of Qatar.

Those who deny or break the rules and regulations would have to pay fines or they have to face imprisonment cause when you are in Rome do what the Romans do.

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