Everything You Need to Know about the FIFA World Cup Ball


The FIFA World Cup 2022 is now just a few weeks away. The biggest sporting event in the football history obviously have many brilliant features and innovations. Even the FIFA World Cup Ball is among those beautiful representation.

It is the first FIFA World Cup ever to take place in a middle-eastern country and almost everything has a Qatari-inspired look. As does the ball’s name ‘Al-Rihla’. The name is in the Arabic language and translates to ‘the journey’.

The FIFA World Cup Soccer ball also has a tracking chip inside. This new technology provides various benefits such as notifying the officials about the real-time position of the ball. Along with this new technology there are other advancements like AI movements of the players and a robot referee.

World Cup Ball: Al-Rihla


As mentioned, the Al-Rihla is the name of the ‘well-known’ 2022 World Cup Ball. It is surrounded by Qatari patterns and the design is similar to the architecture of the country. The ball is designed by Adidas. As per the manufacturers, the ball is specially made in accordance with the country’s standards. However, the World Cup Ball has unique features.

The Design

The new design of the Adidas World Cup ball has a panel shape design. The panel-shaped design has inspiration by a traditional dhow boat. The triangular sails on it are also among the part of the dhow boat-inspired look.

The ball is made from a total of 20 panels. The color of Al-Rihla has a resemblance with the Qatar’s flag and traditionally white Arab clothes.

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Key features of the World Cup Ball


For this year’s FIFA World Cup, the ball is specially made in a way that it competes with the requirement of high performance of the sport.

1. Speedshell

The Polyurethane skin of the ball features the micro and macro with a 20-piece panel shape. Now if you are wondering how does it help with the game. Well, the panels enhances the aerodynamics which eventually improves the stability, flight and increases its accuracy.

2. CTR-Core

The CTR-Core in the ball is especially included as it increases the accuracy and consistency. Further supporting it to be fast along with maximum air retention.

The ball will be presented in over ten cities which includes all major countries. Such as Dubai, Mexico City, Tokyo, or New York. Adidas is set for a series of initiatives that eventually generate access and equality in sports and local communities.

Al-Rihla also joins other iconic World Cup balls, that includes, Azteca from the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Other also adds Etrusco Unico from Italy 90. Among the most recent ones are Jo’bulani, Brazuca, Telstar 18.

The ‘environment friendly’ ball


The Qatar World Cup 2022 focuses on the social factor in all matters, Whether it is about stadiums, travel, or accommodations. However, for the World Cup Ball, these factors are taken into consideration.

The Al Rihla is the first to be made entirely of water-based glues and inks, making it more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, 1% of Al Rihla’s net sales will go toward supporting the Common Goal initiative.

Every four years, the World Cup’s balls are totally replaced. Some are borrowed from the previous edition and updated, while others experience a transformation.

Since the 1930 FIFA in Uruguay, a total of 22 distinct ball designs have been used. The iconic Telstar ball was first used at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, marking the start of the Adidas era.

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Partnership with Adidas

The partnership of FIFA with Adidas goes back around 40 years. Adidas has been producing footballs since 1970. During every FIFA world cup, Adidas provides its best and unique designs according to the theme and up-to-date technologies.

They also actively take an initiative for CSR activities. This partnership also gives Adidas licensing and marketing rights and protects its leadership in the world of sports. Even this year the 2022 world cup ball is also manufactured by Adidas.

Al-Rihla’s journey will reach over the world through the FIFA world cup and is also available to buy on Adidas official website. It is going to be the most exciting and technologically advanced ever! Be ready to stream the FIFA world cup 2022 in November. 

It is difficult to determine the actual quantity of balls that were made overall. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that in Brazil, Adidas sold roughly 14 million Brazuca balls in 2014. The company hasn’t released any sales statistics for World Cup balls, though. Adidas releases both the replica and the original editions for fans. The Al Rihla copy will cost about $8,000.

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2018 World Cup Ball – Telstar 18

In 2018, during the FIFA World Cup, the footballs were designed like the iconic 1970 Telstar ball which had six panels. Also went through testing with major teams such as Argentina, Real Madrid & Manchester United. It also included the NFC Chip that enables the consumer to use the ball with their smartphone. 

Adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 World Cup top glider soccer ball

During the FIFA world cup 2014, the football was named by the public. It was an informal term for Brazilian national pride. The design was to symbolise Brazilian life and the Amazon river. It is said to be the most tested ball Adidas has produced.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Al Rihla ball made in which country?

The World Cup Ball 2022 is made in Sialkot, Pakistan. Adidas has been manufacturing the balls for the mega event consecutively for the past 14 years.

Where to buy Al Rihla?

Al-Rihla is available to buy on Adidas official website.

How much is the world cup ball 2022?

The Regular Price: is $13.99.

What is the FIFA World Cup 2018 ball price?

It costs around 165 USD.

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