Where to Watch Fulham vs Chelsea Live in New Zealand? 

Are you excited to Watch Fulham vs Chelsea? Starting on September 10, 2022, at 11:30 UTC, Fulham and Chelsea will square off at Craven Cottage Stadium in London, England. The match takes place in the Premier League.

Fulham is now ranked sixth, and Chelsea is eighth.

Quick Steps to Watch Fulham vs Chelsea

BT Sport also holds broadcasting rights for the Premier League in the UK. This service is available to UK and Ireland residents only. You don’t need BT broadband to stream sports online, simply choose a Monthly Pass instead to get access to all BT Sport contract-free. You can get set up with the BT Sport app or web player within 15 minutes.

Follow the steps mentioned below to stream Fulham vs Chelsea instantly in New Zealand without any hassle:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN (ExpressVPN Recommended – Servers in 94 Countries and the fastest service to stream sports including EPL, F1 and others)
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching Fulham vs Chelsea in New Zealand on BT Sports
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How to Watch Chelsea and Fulham Live Online in New Zealand 

BT Sport is your backup source for Premier League coverage following Sky. This season, a total of 52 live games are available.

There are several ways to join BT Sport, starting with bundling it with BT Broadband. Enter your postcode on the website to view the bargains.

Prices for TV services begin at £16 per month with a 24-month commitment. In return, you’ll receive a recordable TV box, Freeview, AMC, all of the BT Sport channels, and BoxNation.

  • Signup for a Premium VPN (ExpressVPN Recommended – Servers in 94 Countries and the fastest service to stream sports including EPL, F1 and others)
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching Fulham vs Chelsea in New Zealand on BT Sports
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Additionally, you may get the Monthly Pass for £25 per month or simply use the BT Sport app for £16 per month (it works on mobile, tablet, smart TV, and console). You will still be able to view in up to 4K HDR quality if your device supports it. Customers of Sky can add BT Sport for £21 per month.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Chelsea vs Fulham?

We’ve outlined the methods for watching Fulham vs Chelsea game live streaming in New Zealand. However, you probably won’t be able to watch the Fulham vs Chelsea like you normally would at home if you are travelling for business or pleasure. 

This is the outcome of geo-blocking, which is popular as virtual boundaries that limit access to particular services and content in particular regions of the world.

You may navigate these virtual boundaries with the help of a reliable streaming VPN, which also provides strong security against hackers and governmental eavesdropping. They are also quite simple to use.

The History of Chelsea and Fulham 

Since 2004, there have been a total of 20 matches between the Chelsea and Fulham teams, with Chelsea winning 18 of them and drawing 8 of them.

Teams compete against one another in competitions like the Premier League and EFL Cup and have ratings in the following positions:

Chelsea finished with 67 points, 19 victories, 10 draws, and 9 losses. 36 goals were missed, making the final score 58 goals.

Fulham finished with 28 points, 5 victories, 13 draws, and 20 losses. 27 goals were scored overall, however, 53 were missed.

Fulham vs Chelsea – Team Details?

Fulham is the hosting team. The Fulham Football Club was began in 1879. The most recent match between Fulham and Brighton & Hove Albion took place on August 30, 2022, and it resulted in a Fulham victory.

Chelsea is the visiting team. Chelsea FC began in 1905. Southampton won Chelsea’s previous match against them on August 30, 2022, which took place as part of the Premier League 2022–2023 championship.

Predicted Outcome –  Fulham vs Chelsea?

Chelsea has a 50% chance of winning, while Fulham has a 20% chance. 10% chances are of score draw and 20% chances are of 0-0 draw. 

With the best of intentions, we came to these predictions for Chelsea vs. Fulham for this match preview, but no success is confirm. Always gamble sensibly and within your financial means. Good fortune!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Chelsea and Fulham — foes or allies?

According to the 2012 Football Rivalries Survey, Fulham views Brentford as their third-most important rival after Chelsea and QPR. According to QPR supporters, Chelsea is their main adversary, followed by Fulham, Cardiff City, Brentford, and Stoke City in that order.

Why is Chelsea located in Fulham?

The 1879-founded Fulham FC rejected Mears’ offer to give them the facility, so he did. Unfazed, Mears made the decision to start his own team. He toyed with the names Stamford Bridge FC, London FC, and Kensington FC before settling on Chelsea FC, the name of the Fulham-bordering borough.

Chelsea has had how many relegations?

The previous time Chelsea get demotion was in 1987–88; they were afterwards back on track in 1988–89. They haven’t looked back since, and today they are one of just six clubs to have never been demoted in the history of the Premier League.

What is Chelsea’s greatest victory?

13-0 is Chelsea’s largest victory to date. On September 29, 1971, they defeated Jeunesse Hautcharage 13-0 in the Cup Winners’ Cup. The 21-0 final result on the aggregate is a record for a European tie, as Chelsea won the first leg 8-0 away from home.


I hope this article has answered all of your questions about watching Fulham vs. Chelsea live from wherever you are. You can use a VPN if you can’t access BT Sports in New Zealand. Now, you can take pleasure in in New Zealand!

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